10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

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10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

Moving to a new home is usually marked by excitement, but the hustle of having to pack everything and choose the things to leave behind, and plan for the new ones to purchase kills the excitement at times.

Kitchen appliances are everyday things that people tend to upgrade whenever they shift to new houses.

Food is a basic need that each human cannot survive without, and thus one cannot avoid going to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

For the process of preparing food to be easy, one has to have the right kitchen appliances. The process of buying  kitchen appliances  for your new house is one of the hardest parts that many people experience.

In case you are confused about the small kitchen appliances that you need, you can be sure to acquire great insights from this article.

Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a small appliance that is necessary for home use, and it is the best for making fast coffee. There are various types of coffee makers that are of different designs and models.

It is easy to carry, and it is affordable. Apart from its wide use at homes, you can spot it in hotels, offices, and churches. It is evident that everybody likes a hot coffee cup at the start of the day.

The coffee maker is usually a quick aluminum flask that is connected to electricity to make coffee. You can buy the item in the shops, and you can choose the exact size and shape you want.

Small-sized coffee makers are the best for beginners as they are easier to clean and use.

Coffee makers continue to be some of the essential small kitchen appliances to purchase for your new home as, at times, your kitchen could be small, and thus you need to save on space for the other crucial kitchen appliances that you need for your new home.

An Immersion blender

This is a small mobile-handed blender with a long handle, unlike the big blenders, which are bulky. It has a long handle with a blade on end.

The blade is made of aluminum and partly covered to protect you.

The blade is flexible and removable to make it easy to wash. With an immersion blender, you can enjoy versatility by carrying it to any place that you want to prepare your juice.

This does not take up a lot of space in your kitchen, and you can also reset it when it is not in use. This blender can also be used in cooking broth and veggies on the stove.

This is the best for home starters because it can serve in two ways like cooking and at the same time blending juice.

Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

By this, it can give you time before planning for big things. It works amazingly, and it is one of the best kitchen appliances that you can buy.

Slow Cooker

This type of cookers is also known as crock pots. They are known to be very helpful to chefs that are always busy.

With this type of appliance, one can be sure to have more free time away from the kitchen to complete any essential tasks.

The cookers are the best in allowing a chef to prepare very delicious meals. They allow food to cook and simmer hence maintaining all the natural flavors that they contain.

This type of cookers is also essential in saving time, and one can leave them all day completing the work as they continue to attend to other tasks away from home.


This is one of the most loved kitchen appliances, and almost everyone has it in their house. It is also one of the best ones to use when it comes to saving time.

With this appliance, one can be able to avoid the hustle of having to turn their stove on each time that they want to warm their food.

The microwave is excellent in quickly heating food in minutes, and it is quicker compared to conventional ovens, which take a lot of time to get the work done.

Additionally, microwaves usually have high durability, and they save money as one does not have to keep purchasing or replacing them after a short time of using them.

Operating this kitchen appliance is also not a challenging task.

Compact Dishwasher

This is essential for every kitchen, especially a small one. You can get a countertop dishwasher that accommodates six plates and serves well, and also gives adequate space.

They are of different sizes, so it is up to you to choose the one you need in your new kitchen and also have the one with limited space to fit in the kitchen.

They are made of different modern designs. Some designs may take extra space, so it will be up to you to be more selective.

The best compact dish is the one with village bakery appliances for small kitchens and will help you to attend to your tasks easily and in a fast manner.

It is advisable to check the compact dishwasher, which is best in durability and capable of handling tough jobs.

Checking the space that the item occupies in the kitchen is always good. Compact dishwasher is essential to every new kitchen if a big or small kitchen.

Food Processor

Food processors are also essential kitchen appliances that you should purchase. It is usually a great choice for people that love vegetables.

When it comes to quickly chopping vegetables, these devices are essential in saving time and quickly getting the vegetables ready in the right size.

A vast number of food processors come in a wide variety of blades, which have varying sizes.

Due to this, you can always select the exact type of blade that proves to fit the vegetables that you want to chop.

They allow you to enjoy vast versatility.


This is another vital kitchen appliance that everyone that enjoys baking should have.

It is known to reduce the work that one has to handle in a short time for them to bake the exact type of bread or cake that they want.

Every chef that enjoys baking already knows the tasks and labor that they have to handle for their baking process to be easy.

The items make it quick and easy to combine your flour and eggs in the latter and get the work done.

It prevents chefs from tiring up as they save the energy and bulky work that they could use doing it.

An electric kettle

This is essential by all standards to a small kitchen, and the moment you buy it, you will realize that it is more useful and makes your work easier and faster.

It occupies little space and also it is easier to when on use. An electric kettle is not only useful in saving space but also energy saving compared when heating water with a stove.

Whenever you need to boil water for coffee and tea, this electric kettle gives you quicker boiled water. It saves you time and energy.

Pot rail

If you are looking for a kitchen workhouse, then this will be best for a small kitchen. Pot trail is a space-saving straight metal that can be used for keeping kitchen utensils that are huggable.

It makes your kitchen look organized and neat. The best thing about it is that you will never waste time finding something.

It is usually an open thing like a rack where you can see everything in one place. This device is the best to store items like hangs, cake pans, serving spoons, and knives.

Multi Cooker

This is another essential kitchen appliance that is bound to do your work in the kitchen. It is bound to ensure that you get on with your everyday cooking process without much hustle.

This type of device comes in various devices that allow you to use them in several ways. It entails three-quarters of versions that include a pressure cooker, braise, sautés, and steam.

With it, you can enjoy a lot of versatility. It is also great for minimizing the amount of space you have to use, and many chefs like using it due to its ability to make their work much easier.

Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

Additionally, the cooker is fundamental in ensuring that a buyer saves money that they would spend on items that serve only a sole purpose due to the vast cooking options that it offers to them.

The small capacity of this cooker allows one to book grains quickly and at times prepares food for two.

Things to Note When Buying Small Kitchen Appliances

Size of appliance

You should consider the size of the kitchen appliance before buying it. By ignoring such factors, you may end up buying the wrong choice of appliance that can occupy a large space in your kitchen.

The purpose of the kitchen appliance that you want to purchase is essential as it determines the exact size you should select.

If you’re going to use the appliances for preparing food for a vast number of people, you may need to purchase larger appliances.

It is also advisable to choose the size according to its labor requirements. Appliances that require you to use a lot of labor may not be the right ones for you.

In many cases, devices that require less energy and labor tend to be more reliable and easy to use.

The style

When choosing a kitchen appliance, it is necessary to choose the theme and the style you want in your kitchen. Some kitchen appliances can perfectly match your theme.

If you want your kitchen to be of the same utensil color, it is good to choose wisely. For example, if you like black and white, you should keep it in mind and buy things in those colors.

If it is about the kitchen arrangement, you should know which appliance is best and one which will match your kitchen space.

For example, if it is a shelf or pot trial that you need, you should decide first to avoid interfering with your styles.

Price of the appliance

The initial cost of the kitchen appliance that you want to purchase should be one of the major things that you should put in mind when buying them.

The appliances that you want to buy all vary in price depending on the specific work that they are bound to perform.

Appliances that are designed to perform bulky tasks tend to have a higher price compared to those that are designed for easy and simple tasks.

Besides, the appliance size that you want to buy can either increase or decrease its price.

It is important to know the budget you have for a specific type of kitchen appliance as it enables you to focus on the exact type that suits your needs.

You should also note that the quality, performance, and versatility of the product you choose is crucial, and you should never settle for price over such factors.

Ease of functions

Before deciding on the exact kitchen appliance to purchase, you should research its ease of use by looking at its features.

Some devices tend to be very complicated to use, and they may end up giving you a difficult time whenever you want to use them.

Every product that you choose to purchase should have a user manual to help you and offer detailed instructions on how you can use them. Additionally, the item that you want to buy should be easy to maintain.

In case the device fails or gets damaged, you should be able to access the spare parts easily, and they should be readily available in the local market.

Besides, the product should be easy for you to care for it and clean.

If the item you choose to use is easy to handle, you can always be sure to enjoy your cooking, and you can find yourself spending more time in the kitchen as you enjoy making more meals.

Such products also save time. If the product that you check out requires a lot of energy to operate and it doesn’t seem very easy to use, it is always advisable to settle for a brand that is easy to optimize.

The Material of the Appliance

There are vast kitchen appliances in the market worldwide that are designed with materials that vary.

Aluminum, cast iron or copper, and stainless steel are some of the most common materials used to manufacture appliances.

When buying these items, you should first be aware of the exact type of device and experience that you want in your kitchen.

The material of the device determines its heat conductivity of your device, and you should always consider it. For instance, when buying cookers, you should focus on those that are made of carbon.

Such cookers tend to conduct heat quickly hence ensuring that you quickly complete your cooking.

They also cool down easily, which many cooking appliances lack due to the type of material that designs them.

  Safety Tips to Observe When Using Small Kitchen Appliances

Safety is always crucial when it comes to handling any tasks in the kitchen. Cooking is one thing that humans cannot avoid as they need food to supplement and nourish their bodies.

Since we find ourselves in the kitchen many times, there is a possibility that at some point, accidents may occur due to ignorance or lack of knowledge and sometimes the art of handling multiple tasks while cooking.

Here are some of the major safety tips to observe whenever we are using any kitchen appliances.

Unplug the kitchen appliances

It is always essential to unplug every small kitchen appliance you have in your kitchen whenever it is not in use.

Kitchen Appliances for Your New House

Leaving the appliances plugged into a power source is dangerous as it exposes you to possible fire incidents caused by short circuits caused by voltage surges.

Pay attention to moving objects

Some kitchen appliances such as mixers or slicers have wheels on their bottom surfaces, which may move accidentally without you noticing.

You should observe them keenly to avoid some kitchen destructions.

Imagine when you put things like flour and eggs in your mixer, then they move accidentally and pour into the ground? It is likely to lead to a massive mess in the whole house.

It is good to pay all your attention to whatever you’re doing while in your kitchen.

Always read the operating manual

It is usually easy for people to assume that they already know how to use their kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and microwave.

It is always important to read the user manual of every small kitchen appliance that you purchase. It may contain extra information about the safety precautions that you should observe when using it.

Some Of The Key Reasons That You Should Do So Include:

  • You get to know whether the wiring of your home is sufficient to sustain the power needs of the specific devices that you buy. If they do not meet the power requirements, you can always change them with adequate wiring.
  • By reading a user Manual, you get insights into the possible features of the item that you may have never known about it.
  • You get to avoid any potential accidents that could occur as a result of using the kitchen appliance in the wrong way
  • You get to discover whether the item that you are using is designed for outdoor use or not

Only use extensions cords as a temporally solution

It is good to observe the extension connections keenly to avoid losing the connections that can cause sparks and start a fire and burn the whole house and also prevent the power Fluctuations that can damage your kitchen appliance.

Increase vulnerability to water penetrations to avoid the risk of electrocution and even the threat of wires overheating and becoming a fire hazard.

Keep some kitchen appliances away from water

Some kitchen appliances like gas stoves and grills that use charcoal are designed to be used even outdoors.

It is, however, critical to note that some devices like dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens may get damaged or cause a fire when they get exposed to water. Always ensure that such appliances’ cords are dry all the time.

In case you are an outdoors fanatic, you can choose to use waterproof kitchen items. Besides, you can also use outlets of GFCI that have watertight gaskets

Kitchen appliances are usually some of the unique items that we can never avoid buying and using in our homes. They are usually designed in vast styles and come at varying prices.

The materials used to design them also vary, but those designed with carbon tend to be more reliable. We should learn to use these appliances to prevent potential accidents safely.

Protecting your devices’ cords from water is essential, and it allows them to Last for a long time.

Unplugging the devices is also vital as it protects you from dangers that can occur due to a power surge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I buy small kitchen appliances? You can buy your small kitchen appliances from amazon or any other platforms that tend to be genuine.

By placing your orders, you can always be sure to receive your product at your doorstep as long as you follow instructions.

What are small kitchen appliances? These are the type of kitchen devices that are usually used as tabletops or countertops.

Many of them are less bulky, and they have high portability. Their main purpose is to accomplish certain household chores like warming food, cleaning dishes, or handling other tasks like baking that may need a lot of labor.


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