Are IKEA Ceramic Cups Microwave Safe?(Facts)

Are IKEA Ceramic Cups Microwave Safe?

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Are IKEA Ceramic Cups Microwave Safe?

IKEA ceramic cups are a clever use of disposable yet durable plastic cups that many companies worldwide rely on.

The IKEA company has been offering these cups for sale since the 2000s, and each year they bring forth a new color and design to keep customers coming back.

The unique qualities of this product have become a staple in many homes throughout the world. 

Are IKEA Ceramic Cups Microwave Safe?

Yes! IKEA ceramic cups are microwave and dishwasher safe.They are heat resistant up to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Any prolonged exposure to high temperatures will result in water trapped within the porous material being released when heated.

That said, I don’t recommend heating an IKEA ceramic cup in the microwave for more than 2 minutes at a time. This is due to the porosity of ceramics. 

And that can cause it to crack and break apart or deteriorate at a much faster rate–especially in the presence of high levels of acidity (such as citrus juice).

If a ceramic cracks and water is trapped inside, you can use a hairdryer to warm it from the inside out to break it up.

This can be done safely in the oven and will require less heating time. Place the cracked cup in the deep end and set the hairdryer on low.

After all the water has been released, warm them in a sink with lukewarm water to dry all remaining moisture.

How Do You Use The IKEA Microwave Oven?

It’s so simple to use the IKEA microwave oven. You need to follow these steps:

Plugin the power cord from the outlet. Make sure that the plug is correctly plugged into an outlet functioning.

1) Plug in the power cord from your outlet. Make sure that your plug is correctly plugged into a working outlet.

Press the “Power” button. The microwave will turn on and begin heating your food.

2) Press the “Power” button to turn the microwave on. The appliance will start heating your food. Open or close the door according to your needs.

To keep warm or reheat, leave it ajar with no door as this ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity.

Closing it will cause heating at one point, which can lead to food drying out and being burnt.

3) Open or close the door to your microwave oven according to your needs. The design of your microwave allows you to leave the door open or closed depending on your needs.

4) Closing or opening your microwave door should not cause too much noise, as this will restrict heat evenly throughout the oven cavity.

Turn off and unplug from the outlet whenever you have finished cooking.

5) Turn off and unplug from the outlet whenever you have finished cooking.

How Do I Unlock My IKEA Microwave?

The IKEA unit is straightforward to install and does not come with any instructions, but here is a quick breakdown of installing your new IKEA microwave in the easiest way possible.

Step up the microwave. Take the top cover of the oven and screw it into place using the four screws that came with it.

Ensure that you have ample space for your microwave; about 80cm x 60cm should be more than enough for you to fit this unit.

Ensure that there are no other appliances too close to where you intend to install it.

Measure out the space on the wall or shelf that the microwave is intended for and mark it using the tape measure and marker.

Ensure that you have enough space for the microwave to fit in comfortably; about 20cm above your microwave should be more than enough.

Drill holes at all of your marked points, and make sure that you do not drill too deep into your wall.

You will want to drill through both the wood of your cabinet and the drywall behind it so that there are no exposed metal parts of your drill.

Place the plastic template that came with your microwave onto the wall and use the drill to mark the holes on the template needed for mounting.

Once drill your holes, use a mallet or some other blunt tool to pound your nails into place. Ensure that you do not hammer too hard, or you might risk cracking your cabinet!

Screw-in all of your nails, including the one located in the middle of the back of your microwave. Attach the base to the base of your microwave, and then press it against the wall.

If you do not have any helpers, the base will be pushed against by hand, so consider using a clamp.

Attach the top plate and screw in all of the screws you can reach by standing next to your microwave.

The rest get reached by standing on your kitchen counter or a chair on wheels.

The bottom plate will be attached to your microwave, but you can attach it to the bottom of your cabinet if you wish.

Just be sure that you screw in all of the screws that you can reach by standing on a chair or ladder.

Now that you have installed your microwave, you can start using it without the fear of burning yourself!

Are IKEA Ceramic Cups Microwave Safe?

Keep all food scrupulously separate and ensure that the power is turned off before starting any cooking.

How Do You Install An IKEA Microwave?

Here is how you can install your IKEA microwave

  1. Prepare the power plug that matches the socket in your kitchen.
  2. Unpack the contents of your microwave and lay them on a flat surface in their respective groups with all the screws and fittings visible.
  3. Read through all of the instructions before starting to install anything, and assemble the parts labeled “left” first, then “middle,” then “right.”

Secure each step by screwing any loose screws before doing more assembly work.

  1. Once the microwave has been installed, you can attach the front protective cover plate by screwing it.
  2. Make sure your microwave is off, then plug in the new microwave and turn it on to ensure that the light turns on and everything works properly.
  3. Install the back panel of your microwave following again step 3.
  4. Install the doorknob, the keypad, and its cover on the microwave by screwing them into place.
  5. Install the protective trim ring on top of the microwave by screwing it into place.
  6. You can now attach your new IKEA microwave to your kitchen wall with either a nail or screws.
  7. You can do this after you plug in your appliance to make sure that it works properly before installing them permanently.

Does IKEA Have A Base Cabinet For A Microwave?

Yes! IKEA has a base cabinet for your microwave. This base cabinet comes in many different wood finishes and colors and is customizable to your specific needs.

If you already have another place to put the microwave, it can be used as a microwave cabinet or a regular shelf cabinet.

The base cabinet is also so incredibly cheap. It might be worth building one yourself! If you have ever seen the microwave in IKEA, it’s always standing on a shelf on the floor.

They can be costly to replace if they are damaged. So, IKEA has created a microwave base cabinet that you could buy and build yourself for an affordable price.

This base cabinet can be customized with your measurements if needed.

How Do You Fit An IKEA Oven?

Fitting your IKEA oven is easy, all you have to do is

  1. Measure your inside and outside dimensions
  2. Use a template provided to cut the pieces you will need in a similar shape
  3. Once you have all of your pieces cut, assemble them using anchors and screws according to the instructions
  4. Place oven on its platform, then add trim complete with wall plugs for power
  5. Install glass shelves, adjustable legs, and accessories as desired.

Unless you have installed your oven on a platform, you will need to use a template to ensure that you get a perfectly proper, level fit.

The IKEA oven only comes in 1,000 different pieces, and if you start with a piece that is even slightly out of place, the oven will not seal properly and could potentially leak.

By getting the measurements of your oven and ensuring that the pieces fit within the templates provided on IKEA’s site, you can ensure that your installation will be as easy as possible.

Regardless of whether your oven is sitting on a platform, you will need to install glass shelves, adjustable legs, and wall accessories.

These parts are all optional and do not come included with the oven. The adjustable legs can be placed anywhere on the outside of the oven to give it that finished look.

They are high-quality metal legs with a surface that matches your range top.

There are 65 different pieces included in your kit that allow you to customize your IKEA range stove any way you like.

Do I Need A Microwave Bump-Out Kit?

Yes! If the ceiling height is above 8 feet or less and the microwave oven does not project more than 2.5 inches from the wall.

You can install a microwave kit to make it easier for someone to enter and exit the area around the microwave oven.

If your ceiling height is over 8 feet but under 10 feet, then a standard bump-out kit will work just fine to increase accessibility around your appliance.

If the ceiling height is over 10 feet, you must build a custom bump-out kit or remove the microwave and use one of our standard microwave carts with a cord-connect option.

One of the most challenging factors in selecting a bump-out kit is determining your ceiling height.

The standard bump-out kits are all 8 inches high, but they require at least 80 inches of vertical space to work properly and look attractive.

There is no formula to predict the size you will need, but I recommend that you start with the standard kit.

See how it fits into your space and then decide whether to add additional sets of bumps outdoors to meet mandates in your state.

Does IKEA Sell A Dishwasher Cabinet?

Yes! IKEA offers a dishwasher cabinet in two styles: The ARKEL cabinet, fully integrated into the kitchen cabinetry, and the EURODRIVE dishwasher cabinet, which is freestanding.

Be sure to measure your dishwasher to ensure that it will fit inside the cabinet. The ARKEL cabinet is offered in black or white, while the EURODRIVE cabinet is only available in black.

If you prefer to add a dishwasher to your IKEA kitchen without remodeling, consider using the TILAK dishwasher stand.

This unit is easy to install and can be used with any dishwasher on the market — not just the ones offered by IKEA.

You can even find a custom-fitted version of this piece that fits perfectly between two ARKEL base cabinets if you already own them but would like to add a dishwasher to your kitchen.

Can IKEA Sinks Be Undermounted?

Yes! You can install IKEA sinks under-mount. The installation process is the same, but the mounting hardware will differ.

You’ll need to provide your metal flex ring, rubber gasket, and some extra silicone sealant.

You’ll also want to round up a couple of extra basin wrenches. Once you’ve got your sink in place, using two basin wrenches (instead of just one) will make it easier to tighten the nut firmly.

Although it’s not a requirement, The manufacturer always advises homeowners to install the undermount sink upside down.

So the hole in the bottom for an overflow drain is on the left side. This makes it easier to connect the drain assembly when you’re ready to do so.

If you have an older IKEA sink with a flat cut-out for the faucet, you should consider changing out your faucet.

In many cases, you can easily swap out your sink first; you won’t have to remove the faucet before the new sink is in place.

The newer versions of IKEA sinks have a recessed faucet area that provides a flat surface to mount your faucet on.

Most manufacturers will suggest that you seal the edge of the flange with silicone before mounting it under your countertop.

It’s always good to check with a licensed plumber to verify how to install your IKEA sink. Always follow plumbing codes and ensure you’re not violating local or national laws.

Do Other Appliances Fit IKEA Cabinets?

Yes! IKEA cabinets come in two sizes: 60-inches wide and 30-inches deep (1.5m x 0.75m) and 80-inches wide and 30-inches deep (2.0m x 0.75m).

If you’re purchasing Ikea cabinets to fit your kitchen, you’ll likely purchase the 60-inch width cabinets.

That said, IKEA offers a range of cabinet depths, including 30-inches deep, which is excellent if you need to accommodate an additional appliance such as a refrigerator.

Here are some more examples of appliances that will fit into IKEA cabinets: dishwashers, microwave ovens, and stovetops (with back panel).

There are many more, so to see the complete list, click on any of these links:

  • Kitchen cabinets with backsplash
  • Kitchen cabinets with slide-out baskets and drawers
  • Kitchen cabinets with roll-out shelves and drawers
  • Kitchen cabinets with pull-out drawers
  • Kitchen cabinets with lazy susans
  • Closet organizers with shelves and drawers.

Here are some accessories that can fill up cabinet space and make use of every inch: dishwasher baskets, pull-out baskets, slide-out baskets, drawer dividers, and shelf dividers.

The best way to fit appliances just about anywhere is by using Adjustable Cabinet Organizers.

Can You Use A Non-IKEA Faucet With An IKEA Sink?

Yes! You can use a non-IKEA faucet with an IKEA sink.

The “Å” is a flag that points towards the interior side of the sink, indicating it will not work with faucets mounted relatively close to the rim.

Non-IKEA sinks may also have an additional flag on their underside, revealing a symbol depending on the country.

You must match your faucet to your sink as IKEA has some genuinely innovative waste fittings that can accommodate something like washing dishes without going over your allotted water usage.

Check with IKEA’s website to see if your faucet is compatible with the sink.

It may be necessary to purchase IKEA faucet adapters depending on where the plumbing is located in your sink. These adapters are available at any IKEA location.

When shopping for a new faucet, there are several things to consider based on the features you want.

Typically, your budget will determine what essential features and the type of faucet best for your kitchen.

There are also some differences in design when purchasing an American or European version of a faucet.

American faucets tend to be cheaper, but they do not have the extra features you would find in an expensive faucet.

You can also purchase an American faucet that has a sprayer attachment.

Do I Need A Suspension Rail For IKEA Base Cabinets?

Yes! IKEA base cabinets do indeed require suspension rails for proper functioning.

If you are not sure if a suspension rail is required for your kitchen cabinets, please consult an expert in home improvement for more information.

Suspension rail kits are available in various lengths to accommodate different models and sizes of IKEA kitchen base cabinets, so be sure to order the correct length kit when making your purchase.

The IKEA suspension rail kit is attached to the frame of your cabinet with bolts and nuts, which are included in the kit. Positioning and securing the rail is considered a simple job.

Just slide or pull it into place as directed, making sure all contact areas are clean and dry.

You may notice that the surface of the wood that sits on the floor has already come through from being in use for many years, but this is perfectly fine for use as a base for your kitchen cabinets.

Be sure to follow the safety instructions given in the package when mounting your IKEA cabinets onto the suspension rail.


IKEA products are not only functional and affordable, but they are functional, affordable, and beautiful. They are designed to be used, not abandoned in the corner.

You’ll never regret choosing a piece of IKEA product to make your home a happy home.


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