Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

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Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

Over the years, outdoor pizza ovens have become an increasingly popular addition to many outdoor kitchens.

With this kitchen appliance, you can easily make various food delicacies, impressing your family and friends with your exquisite culinary skills.

But are outdoor pizza ovens dangerous?

No! These ovens contain a dome-shaped cooking chamber that can reach more than 427° Celsius (800° F), ideal for giving pizzas their unique pizzeria-style crisp cut. These high temperature levels can often result in a cracked oven. Users must strictly follow its instructions manual.

All in all, like with any other appliance, it’s vital to read the instruction manual before using it.

In turn, you will effectively avoid potential hazards and discover different ways to use the appliance.

Without further ado, let us delve into everything you need to know about outdoor pizza ovens and practical tips on using them safely.

What Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

As mentioned earlier, an outdoor pizza oven is a perfect addition to your patio or backyard/outdoor kitchen.

Generally, outdoor pizza ovens are a specialized type of oven that cooks at incredibly high temperatures.

They come in diverse types and sizes and are wood, charcoal, or gas-powered.

These ovens contain a dome-shaped cooking chamber that can reach more than 427° Celsius (800° F), ideal for giving pizzas their unique pizzeria-style crisp cut.

Outdoor pizza ovens usually come with a brick, stone, or ceramic cooking surface, depending on your preferred size and type.

Made from brick material, a classic pizza oven is more expensive and larger than other outdoor pizza ovens.

Many large-scale pizzerias use this pizza oven and heat it by building a wood fire over the cooking surface until it achieves the desired temperature.

However, since this type of oven is time-consuming in preparation and can be overwhelming to manage, many people prefer the gas flame source instead.

Portable pizza ovens are the most popular type of pizza ovens available on the market.

They are much smaller and cheaper than traditional pizza ovens, making them more preferable for home use.

Despite their size, these ovens can still attain the extremely high temperatures of conventional pizza ovens, allowing users to cook pizzas in under a minute.

Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

Although they are mainly gas-fueled, many brands have introduced wood-fired and charcoal grill alternatives.

How Do Outdoor Pizza Ovens Work?

Before understanding how an outdoor pizza oven(Amazon Link) works, it is vital to know the construction material and design of the oven.

After all, it is not the fire that cooks the finger-licking pizza but the oven itself. To be exact, the base of the oven is what matters.

Generally, pizza ovens contain different construction materials, all of which absorb heat.

As a result, many ovens consist of a base and dome made from tiles, bricks, and several insulating layers that hold the heat or warmth from the wood fire or gas source.

As aforementioned, outdoor pizza ovens can reach exceptionally high temperatures of over 425°C.

Although it can take a long duration to achieve such temperatures, it is a prerequisite condition to cooking delicious pizzas.

However, once heated fully, the oven can retain that heat for several days. As a result, the trapped heat cooks the pizza in less than two minutes.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Safety Tips

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to read and follow the instruction manual of your newly purchased outdoor pizza oven before use. Some standard safety tips include:

  • Do not leave it unattended

As you may know, these ovens can reach incredibly high temperatures while in use.

As such, it is vital to always pay attention to it and stay in a clear view of it. It is also best to keep pets and children away from the burner.

  • Most suitable for outdoor use

 As its name implies, outdoor pizza ovens are best for outdoor use. Do not use it to warm or heat enclosed environments as it could pose various health and safety risks.

It is advisable to place your pizza oven outdoors on a level and sturdy foundation surface to prevent it from tipping over and causing irreparable damage.

Pizza oven owners should also ensure that they keep their outdoor kitchen appliances at least 25 feet away from any flammable materials

  • Do not move the oven while using it

Since these ovens reach exceedingly high temperatures, it is hazardous to attempt to move them while in use.

Make sure that you allow it to reach cool temperatures before storing or moving it to a different location.

If you are suing a gas-sourced pizza oven, always remember to turn off the gas cylinder and detach it from the outdoor pizza oven before moving or storing it.

Remember to use insulated gloves or oven mitts to prevent burning off your fingers while moving them.

  • Ascertain proper installation

To guarantee maximum safety before use, it’s crucial to ascertain the correct installation of your outdoor pizza oven as provided by the local and national installation codes.

Preferably, enlist the services of a professional to ensure proper installation. Also, it is crucial to avoid installing the oven in an exceedingly windy environment.

  • Proper maintenance

Due to constant use, the hoses of an outdoor pizza oven tend to wear out. In turn, it is vital to thoroughly inspect them for signs of wear and tear to facilitate safe operation.

If you spot signs of excessive wear and abrasion, have them replaced as soon as possible.

Likewise, if you use a wood-fired or charcoal-fired pizza oven, it is essential to cool and remove the ashes before storing them.

Unattended and exposed ashes are easily flammable. Remove the ashes from the oven and place them in a non-combustible container.

Saturate the container with water and dump it after 24 hours upon cooling completely.

Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Require A Chimney?

Generally, outdoor pizza ovens require proper ventilation.

While large in-built pizza ovens come with an attached chimney for adequate ventilation, portable pizza ovens, as well as some wood-fired pizza ovens, do not come with a chimney and do not require any additional ventilation.

For instance, portable pizza ovens are incredibly compact and do not come with a chimney.

Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

Luckily, you can place them in small spaces, like an apartment balcony, to ensure proper outdoor use and ventilation.

As a result, these ovens are perfect for renters or novice pizza makers.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is vital to use your outdoor pizza oven outside and not in an enclosed area.

If you want to make delicious pizzas while in the house, you can opt for the countertop pizza ovens.

Whether you are using an indoor or outdoor pizza oven, remember to read and strictly adhere to the instruction manual to prevent avoidable damages.

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Regardless of the type of pizza oven and size of your backyard, install your outdoor pizza oven close to the home but still at a reasonable distance to guarantee comfort and safety.

Keep your oven at least ten feet away from the closest wall of your home.

If your outdoor pizza oven has a chimney, the oven should be two feet higher than any other structure within the proximity of 10 feet.

It should also be 10 feet away from any structure taller than it. Additionally, do not install your outdoor pizza oven below low electrical lines, under trees, or too close to the property line.

Pay attention to where the chimney vents.  Keeping these ovens close to the indoor kitchen provides easy access to ingredients, utensils, beverages, and plumbing.

It also helps in making sure that you enjoy your company as you prepare your different recipes.

Many homeowners prefer placing their outdoor pizza ovens on a secondary structure, like a pool house or pavilion.

It is best for preparation, cooking, and dining to occur in the same space to remain convenient and comfortable.

Once you choose where to put your pizza oven, it’s advisable to consult professionals to get the job done right.

By enlisting the services of an expert, the municipal and national codes, setbacks, permits, and scheduled inspections will happen as needed.

They will ensure that your outdoor kitchen appliance is safe and meets statutory requirements.

Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Need A Hood?

Regardless of the style and size of the oven, all pizza ovens should come with a hood over them. Pizza oven hoods aid in removing heat or removing grease vapors.

However, given that each pizza oven has different designs, the hoods and exhaust fans required are distinct.

Basically, there are two primary types of pizza hoods; Type 1 pizza hoods and Type 2 Pizza hoods.

Type 1 pizza oven hoods provide a proper ventilation system that eliminates oil vapors, grease, heat, and condensation.

On the other hand, Type 2 pizza hoods are simple kitchen ventilation hoods for moisture, odours, and heat. Type 2 Pizza oven hoods are more ideal for outdoor pizza ovens.

Outdoor pizza ovens that do not come with hoods can be problematic to those close to them.

Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Dangerous?

It’s also worth noting that installing pizza oven hoods complies with various local codes and aids when making an insurance claim.

Consult your local professionals for more information on the best pizza oven hood for your outdoor kitchen appliance.

What Is The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven For Home Use?

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile outdoor pizza oven for home use, the ROCCBOX is an ideal option.

Thanks to its unique exterior design, this portable pizza oven does not get too hot to the touch, making it perfect for family get-togethers and cookouts.

The oven can heat up to over 950°F and can be used with either wood or propane. However, you must buy the wood-burning attachment separately and at additional costs.

The ROCCBOX(Amazon Link) is ideal for instant use as users can set it up as a standalone appliance or on top of your grill.

Due to its compact design, it is perfect for people living in small spaces or those that do not want the hassle of adhering to building codes, regulations, and permits.

This outdoor pizza oven features include retractable legs, an in-built thermometer, and dual-fuel detachable burners.

Additionally, it consists of stainless steel construction material, making it relatively easy to clean.

The portable outdoor pizza oven also comes with a safe-touch jacket that maintains cool temperatures on the outside to prevent your fingers from burning.

All in all, this oven is very easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is to set it up, allow it to get hot, and then begin the cooking process.

Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Many pizza oven buyers can attest that outdoor pizza ovens are an excellent investment as they are compact, easy to use, and have a unique design.

These ovens are also quite energy-efficient as they take up minimal time to preheat without warming the house.

As a result, outdoor pizza ovens are definitely a worthwhile investment and godsend to many families.

However, due to numerous outdoor pizza ovens available on the market, it is vital to consider your needs to find the most suitable option.

But, keep in mind that the best homemade pizzas are from a classic outdoor pizza oven with a high-quality pizza stone or steel material.


Outdoor pizza ovens are an ideal addition to any outdoor kitchen or garden.

They allow family and friends to come together and have a great time while allowing you to create the most delicious and beautiful-looking homemade pizzas.

Additionally, they come in different types, sizes, and budgets, giving you the option to purchase one most suitable for your needs.

Just like any other kitchen appliance, when not appropriately used, outdoor pizza ovens can be dangerous.

However, if you read the instruction manual carefully and follow the tips mentioned above, these ovens are very safe for use.


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