Are Weber Grill Covers Waterproof?( Complete Guide)

Are Weber Grill Covers Waterproof?

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Are Weber Grill Covers Waterproof?

Weber Grill Covers are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their grill in pristine condition.

These covers protect the grill from rain, snow, leaves, and other debris that can damage your investment.

With these easy-to-use covers, you will never have to worry about cleaning up again.

While Weber’s grills do not need regular cover use as they have a porcelain-enameled finish.

These covers make sure your expensive grill stays protected from elements outside of its control.

Are Weber Grill Covers Waterproof?

Yes, Weber grills come with a waterproof cover which is a polyester and it is included in the buy price. The cover is not 100% waterproof. It will protect your grill from light rain and debris; but, anything more than that would soak through the cover.

You can drain any water that seeps in out of the small drainage ports on the bottom of the grill (right beside where you attached your gas tank).

If you live in a stormy area, I recommend storing your weber with an extra waterproof cover over the top of it.

Some people use non-vapor permeable plastic sheeting over top of their weber to store it in outdoor conditions when they don’t plan to use it for long periods.

Keep in mind, though, that this does not create a breathable environment for your grill – so don’t do it if you plan on using your grill in this condition.

If you are experiencing problems with rainwater getting inside your weber, here are some other things that may happen:

– You have installed the grill in an area where it’s designed not to drain (on a hill).

Make sure there is a substantial slope away from the grill, and use bricks or other leveling devices, so you don’t risk tipping.

– Your cover isn’t fitted well or has ripped/torn under normal usage. Replace as needed.

Some people also recommend lining the underside of the cover with plastic shopping bags to create a better seal between hood and body – but remember, these can tear as well.

It’s always a good idea to cover your weber grill when not in use. If it rained recently and you can’t store your grill indoors.

Make sure you inspect the underside of the grill cover more often for small tears that may allow water into your weber.

Should I Cover My Weber BBQ?

Yes. Weber has created a range of covers that you can use to prolong the life of your barbecue.

I know that regular cleaning is paramount, but there are a few extra steps you can take to help protect your bbq from the elements and help keep it fume-free.

The Weber Grill Cover(Amazon Link) is available for all our charcoal and gas barbecues and accessories such as the rotisseries or stand-alone pizza ovens.

They come in a range of sizes for all our products, so I have an option for you whether it’s a large patio bbq or an easy up.

And if keeping your BBQ looking like new isn’t reason enough.

Consider that frequently covering your grill not only reduces rusting and staining but also protects at-risk areas from the corrosive effects of constant exposure to moisture.

So if you’re in a coastal area, near a saltwater pool, or have a sprinkler system in your backyard, it’s even more important.

The covers are available in two forms: waterproof or weather resistant.

The difference is that you can leave waterproof out overnight, while weather-resistant needs to be inside after each use.

Both feature convenient handles at either end, which not only helps when covering but also aid with moving around your grill when cooking.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to prolong the life of your BBQ and protect it from damaging elements such as rust and corrosion,.

Then look no further than the Weber Grill Cover.

Will My Weber Grill Rust?

Yes. All metal grills will rust if they are not well maintained. Weber grills comprise high-quality materials such as stainless steel (stainless models) and aluminum.

All Weber grills come with a factory-applied powder-coated finish to protect against corrosion.

Although, you can damage this protective coating with ease if the grill is not handled well.

If left outside during the winter or not cleaned well after every use, your Weber grill will erode in a few short years.

This would be because of saltwater spray from storms, heavy humidity in the air, etc.,

Which could cause pitting on the grill’s surface, eventually forming rust on metal parts underneath the exiting paint.

It’s essential that you clean any debris off your grill before the first snowfall in the fall and that you cover it.

There are several steps to take to maintain your grill during the winter months:

-If you’re going to be storing your Weber grill for any length of time (more than a few weeks).

Remove all burned-on food and grease from the interior and exterior using a high-pressure hose or cleaning solution.

You should also remove your cooking grates and clean them. Replace these items after they dry once you dig out your grill in the spring.

Covering your grill often is necessary when not used to avoid moisture build-up inside because of humidity, etc. .

This can lead to rust forming on internal components such as burners, flavor bars, and rotisserie components.

Failing to clean your grill after use can lead to light surface rust forming on the metal parts.

To avoid this from happening, apply high-heat spray paint to the exterior of your grill.

Once at the end of grilling season and in early spring before storing for the summer months ahead.

This will not only protect against corrosion but also make it easier to spot any small areas that may need touch-ups when you use your grill again in the springtime.

Why Are Weber BBQs So Good?

Most consider Weber grills as one of the best in the industry for several reasons.

They comprise high-quality materials, are durable, and come with easy-to-use features that make cooking enjoyable.

The company is also well known for its customer service, always available if you need help.

As a Weber owner, you will understand what I mean when I say that weber grills are one of the best in the industry.

You find that they stand up against competitors and often surpass them in every way.

People like using Weber BBQs because it is so easy to use the grills, even if you have limited experience with cooking outdoors.

The reason for this is simple, all there is to do with these models is add coal and wood or other smoking materials.

you can easily create a fantastic barbecue feast in no time at all.

If you want more information on what creating this meal entails, I can suggest how much charcoal I should buy for my Weber grill.

Another reason these grills are so popular is because of their ability to control the cooking temperature with ease.

Before, people who have used none other models will find this easy to understand.

But you would surprise yourself how many brands struggle with keeping a steady stream of heat at all times.

This is often problematic for people who want to create the perfect meal they can be proud of.

If you are looking for extra information on charcoal grills, this may help guide you in the right direction.

Weber BBQs are also considered one of the best options in price versus the value you receive when purchasing them.

The truth here is that while these items may appear expensive at first glance.

What most people don’t realize is that you are getting a lot of features and benefits from these models.

Weber has many options for grillers to choose from, such as the Q series, Summit series, and Genesis Series.

Each product offers impressive qualities, but it all comes down to what you need regarding durability and how much use it will get overtime.

Is Weber made in China?

Yes! Jiawei Industries Corporation, in Shenyang, China, manufactures your Weber grill. Weber manufactures in China because of the lower costs of labor and materials there.

They make them in Chinese factories where workers receive low wages, lack proper safety training, and work on machinery with minor oversight.

This is only one reason they manufacture Weber grills outside of the United States, taking jobs away from hardworking Americans.

Another reason they make Weber grills out of the country is that they were initially built by hand during WWII for use by soldiers abroad.

Jiawei Industries Corp. It takes about 17 hours to assemble a grill at Jiawei’s factory in Shenyang, China, compared with three hours of manufacturing time in America.

This is according to Bruce Bjorkman, president of Two Guys, the exclusive distributor in the U.S.

Jiawei is one of several Chinese manufacturers that are major players in America’s backyard-grill market.

By selling budget brands that perform well enough for most users and come with low prices. A pair of road warriors usually costs less than $60.

Production costs are lower in China because manufacturers usually pay workers monthly salaries of only about $160, said Mr. Bjorkman.

He has visited Jiawei’s plant many times since 2003 to check on Weber grills coming off the assembly line.

Weber manufactures their grills in China because they can get them made more cheaply than they can get them made here in America.

This allows them to pass the savings onto their customers by selling grills at lower prices.

They make them in China because their production can be cheaper because of labor and low costs.

The workers on the Weber grill production line receive tiny wages, have little to no training, and work with dangerous machinery if unattended.

This is only one reason grills are being produced outside our country, taking jobs away from hardworking Americans.

Another reason they made Weber grills outside of the U.S. is that they were initially built during WWII as a hand-built product for soldiers abroad.

Jiawei Industries Corp works with Weber to produce their grills in China.

It takes about 17 hours to assemble a grill at Jiawei’s factory in Shenyang, China, compared with three hours of manufacturing time in America.

This is because the cost of labor and materials is much more affordable.

They made them in Chinese factories where workers receive low wages and do not receive proper safety training but work on dangerous machinery with minor oversight.

This allows Weber to produce grills they can sell as cheaper products, gaining more customers and saving money on production costs.

Is Broil King as good as Weber?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a grill. Weber Grill is well known to be one of the best grills in the market.

They are also costly. Broil King is cheaper than Weber, but it may not offer Weber the same features and cooking capabilities.

The difference in price: – Webers are more expensive than Broil Kings

– Webers can cost up to $2000 while Broil Kings can go for around $400-$700

The difference in design: – The major difference between these two brands is that Webers have an enclosed design while Broil Kings(Amazon Link) are open in design

– This makes Weber grills much more efficient since they can trap hot air inside when cooking, which reduces the need for additional venting

– On the other hand, Broil King is set up to be grill islands with all its accessories in place. For this reason, users have plenty of space to work on when preparing their food.

Although heat will escape through the gaps between each accessory, not all of it will go below where it needs to be during cooking.

The difference in features: – Webers have patented Flavorizer Bars where flames hit before dripping down below.

This means that meat juices aren’t just burned off but also absorbed by the bars. This way, you will get more flavorful meat.

– Broil King grills have Flavorizer Bars to ensure that the same happens; the difference is that they don’t have patented Flavorizer Bars.

There might be a chance of another brand’s Flavorizer bars working just as well for less money

The difference in performance: – The hot air inside Weber grills flows better through its enclosed design.

Which means it sends more heat down below where it needs to be for cooking, and lesser heat escapes outwards.

– This also makes it harder to maintain the temperature in Webers than Broil Kings because of their open design and high heat levels required when cooking.


The Weber company has been around since 1952, and its product is well-known for being of high quality.

They have a long history of making outdoor cooking products, including grills, smokers, barbecue ovens, and more.


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