Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries – Plus Safety Tips

Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries

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Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries – Plus Safety Tips

French fries are usually delicious when served crispy and when they are cooked professionally.

The style of cooking that one uses determines whether they enjoy their meals or not.

There are many ways that one can choose to prepare their French fries, and they can probably make them crispy, golden, salty, or hot.

At times, one may also choose to pair their French fries with a juicy burger or any fat.

These fries are the most versatile type of food to prepare as they serve as appetizers, snacks, and they can also be served with a side dish.

The process of preparing them is not complicated, but many times, the type of oil that one uses determines whether they come out delicious as one expects.

Here we outline the best methods to prepare the French fries and point out the best oil to use for them to have the aroma that can be the key reason for you to enjoy eating them.

History of Frozen French Fries

Many historians perceive that the art of deep frying foods begun in medieval times.

Foods of fritter type are gaining popularity globally, and due to their versatility and delicious nature, people are consuming them at a high rate.

It is not known who introduced this type of delicacy, but historian believes that it originated from Europe either in France or Belgium.

Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries

This type of meal has been widely intertwined with the popular potato products, potato chips.

Since the fries come from France, they have continued to be named according to their cutting method.

When the potatoes are cut into long thin strips and later fried, they are usually referred to as `frenched.`

The vast advances in technology have made fries to be widely known and used in the world.

Since their introduction in 1948, the fried potatoes have become a delicacy for many.

In America, the fries have gained vast names like Long Branch, long fries, and steak fries.

In some countries, they are known as chips. Since the 19th century, many chefs have been giving different recipes for making French fries, allowing people to enjoy the food.

The Saratoga potatoes are one of the popular recipes from American cow books.

The type of ingredients that you choose to put in your French fries usually depends on the place that you are residing in.

The Invention of the French Fries

No one is certain about where the French fries originated, but as many people believe, their long history reflects northern Europe.

Potatoes were first introduced during the Columbian Exchange, and the recipe for frying the raw potatoes later gained more popularity in the 18th century.

Deep frying the sliced potatoes gained its perfection in France, and the art came with several innovations in terms of its shape and name.

Pommes de terre frites is the very first name that the French people gave to potatoes fingers or sticks that were deep-fried.

They later changed its name to pommes frites. Thomas Jefferson played a fundamental role in making a recipe for the Pommes Frites, which became a reflection of the food`s tradition.

The popular name of the Pommes Frites was later shortened into frites after it continued to gain popularity in the world and was being served in fashionable restaurants and dinners.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the dish became even more popular, and its name then changed to chips since its shape changed into smaller chunks.

Frying was the major method of preparing chips, and potato chips were prepared through dehydration and drying.

In England, this concept of French fries continued to transition at a fast rate.

It was ingrained into chips and fish, and the dish was then popularized in the country by a famous Jewish immigrant Joseph Malin.

He took the idea from Eastern Europe, and his legacy has continued since then. Later the dish was advanced by Eliza Warren, a famous author of cookbooks in the country.

Though fries are referred to as French fries, the name does not suggest its country of origin.

But its popular method of preparation, `frenching,` entails cutting potatoes into stripes that are narrow and later deep frying them or dehydrating them.

The Popularity Of French Fries In America

American people are also known to consume fries in the modern and ancient world highly.

The fries gained more popularity in the Second World War due to the scarcity of meat that was rationed as a result of the former.

During this time, the fries were being served in diners, restaurants, and roadside racks.

Even with the difficulties that cooks were facing as a result of frying the potatoes with hot oil, the

French fries did not get rationed for any reason.

They had noticed that the process of preparing the fries was complicated as they got flabby and greasy whenever they dropped many potatoes in the frying pan as the oil started to cool down immediately.

Besides, the art turned disastrous as the chefs had to boil the oil until it gets hot, and many accidents kept kicking in.

Additionally, the process got more difficult as storing the peeled or fried potatoes got difficult, and they had to invent better ways to preserve and prepare them.

In modern America, the fries have become more popular, and with the help of the various high-quality oils and technology in the market, preparing them has become easier.

What You Should Know Before Choosing Oil for Frying French Fries

It is impossible to prepare your frozen French fries without oil.

You always need the right type of oil to deep your cut potatoes inside and enjoy them according to how you prefer them.

Whenever you want to choose the type of oil to use in frying your frozen fries, you should not settle for average.

Focus on oil that has the flavor and qualities that you prefer. Here are the major factors you should put your attention to when buying any oil to use in frying your chopped potatoes.

Oil flavor

Some oils have a flavor that may make your French fries not have their initial aroma.

Everybody needs a flavor that is neutral for them to enjoy their fries. A flavor that will not taint the potatoes’ goodness is the best.

Some oils burn with a pop sound, and they may make french-fries tasteless.

The best-preferred oil for cooking french-fries is peanut oil and the Five Guy’s Barger oil as they both have no impurities.

These oils are also great as they do not have a smell that can change the aroma of your French fries.

The oils make French fries very delicious.

Imagine cooking with oil that makes French fries smell like ginger or strawberry? Ensure that you choose oils that do not add undesired flavor to your French fries.

Always buy French oils at a place that you trust to avoid buying fake ones.


Never be attracted to cheap things. The cheaper the oil, the more undesirable results it is likely to give you.

It is, however, not economical to settle for overly expensive oils for frying your fries.

Before buying French fry oils, you should check their prices and compare them according to their qualities.

If the French fry oil you want to buy is more expensive than you expected, you should try to find out the ingredients used to manufacture it.

It is also good to know the product manufacturer because oils from some companies might be more expensive than those of other companies.

It is also crucial to note that quality products come at a slightly higher price than those of low quality.

French fries oil is affordable in many home shops. You should be keen to buy quality oil and one which will make your French fries delicious.

Oils that come at low prices may not add any taste to your French fries, and many times they may fail to meet your expectations.

Ensure that you choose your French fries oil wisely. Some companies tend to add additional healthy products to their oils, making them more expensive than those that lack such additives.

Smoke point

When cooking frozen French fries, you need to choose the best oil that can break everything down as desired when it is in its maximum temperature and gaseous state.

When buying oil to fry your French fries, you should choose one which does not evaporate immediately you turn the temperature on as this may make you use a lot of oil, thus going at a loss.

Additionally, you should avoid oils that burn with a pop sound, as they may end up making your fries tasteless.

Such oils also pose a danger to you as they cause fires that can burn your house. It is always crucial to check how every type of oil that you intend to use acts in every degree of temperature.

Any highly flavored seed oil is dangerous as it has impurities that lower the smoke point.

You should note that some oils bring out smoke when they start to cool, and they expose your French fries to bad burnt like flavors.

You should also use oil, which is skin-friendly because some oils can mistakenly pour into your skin, and they can cause burns if they approach smoke point.

Readout precautions of how every oil reacts at every degree of temperature.

Fry trials

It is good to test many oil types until you get one, which does well with frozen French fries because many types of oils bring different flavors.

Testing thermal will determine which heat capacity does well in French fries.

You should know that there is a difference between temperature and heat capacity.

Heat capacity is the amount of heat energy that a substance can hold and how it is transferred to every corner of a substance, while the temperature is a degree a thing can use in a certain time.

Whenever you choose any oil for your French fries, it is always good to know how many degrees are needed to break them down and the heat capacity needed to be generated all over a substance.

It is good to check the amount of oil needed to make your French fries ready because some oils cannot react to frozen French fries, and as a result, they force you to use many liters of oil.

It is good to check on the reaction of some oils when mixed with water because some oils do not dissolve in water, and this may cause your French fries to look abnormal.

Salad oils are always best for frozen French fries.

What are the Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries ?

There are vast types of oils in the market to use in frying your frozen French fries. Each type of oil has varying features from others.

Be keen to know the exact one that you want to use for your frying process.

Canola oil

This is the best oil choice for frozen French fries because it has one of the highest smoke points.

Canola oil should be poured first into your cooking pan and preheated before adding the potatoes.

It is made of vegetables. According to health scientists, canola oil is good for your health as it contains various nutrients.

The oil brings no flavor to the frozen fries. When mixed with potatoes, it boils uniformly, and it is generated to every part of the potatoes.

Canola oil is always salad. It is fantastic cooking oil, one of the cheapest on the market, and its quality is the best because it contains omega three, which is good for the human brain.

If you want your frozen French fries to be delicious, try canola oil.

Refined peanut

This oil has a fairly high smoke point and can do well in frozen French fries. It can be used more than one time when the smoke point has not reached a certain point, and this is also economical.

It has a neutral taste and light when mixed with potatoes. French fries do not need additional flavor, so refined peanut is best because it has no flavor.

It is made from a fruit called pea, also known as groundnuts, useful in vitamins.

The refined peanut does not boil, making some pop sounds. It needs maximum temperature for potatoes to boil uniformly.

Refined sunflower

This has a pale yellow and has a mild flavor. It is one of the most appreciated oils for frying frozen French fries. It has been in the market since the 1920s.

Sunflower has a very low melting point of below 0 degrees Celsius, and it stays clear at a refrigeration temperature, which is an advantage to the formulation of potatoes.

Refined sunflower oil needs low heat and maximum temperature to generate all over the peeled potatoes.

It is not only used in frozen French fries but also used to fry and cook food in big hotels and restaurants.

Try using refined sunflower oil in frying frozen French fries and see the difference.

Refined corn oil

Corn oil is refined vegetable oil mainly used for cooking and deep-frying. In the process of extracting corn oil from corn, many nutrients and vitamins are lost. So it contains little vitamins and fat.

It is best to fry French fries because it has a very high smoke point. It starts to burn at a temperature of 450 degrees, making deep-frying perfect for crispness without burning them.

It has no flavor, and it neutrals French fries, giving it an aromatic smell.  Corn oil is widely used in the whole world.

It is available in home shops, and it is affordable according to your pocket.

How to Make Frozen French Fries Using Oil

Preparing frozen French fries is different compared to making French fries. Usually, frozen French fries require secondary frying before they are ready for you to eat.

During the production process of frozen French fries, they seem to get additional nutrients, which are essential in ensuring that they have a better flavor, better color whenever one fries them.

When buying French fries, be sure to select those that have a high quality. When frying them, be sure to select the best oil for the process.

Additionally, use little oil to fry them until they are golden brown to have the exact taste and flavor you require.

The outer skin of your fries should be crispy, tender, and fresh.

The time that you spend blanching and frying your French fries determines the color that your frozen French fries are likely to have when they are ready.

Besides, the oil and water content of your French fries is usually determined by their cooling point.

Best Oil for Frying Frozen French Fries

Be sure to prepare your frozen French fries using this procedure:

Washing and peeling: use clean water to clean and rinse your frozen fries and later peel them with a knife.

Striping/slicing: cut the frozen French fries into the size that you desire.

Blanching: this process entails inactivating the enzymes in your potatoes and also getting rid of the starch that is present.

You should blanch the potatoes at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius for about 5-7 minutes.

Be sure not to blanch the potatoes for a short time, as they are likely to go bad quickly because they still have enzymes in them.

Besides, blanching the potatoes for a long time makes them have a foul mouth taste and low palatability.

Cooling and drying: after blanching the potatoes, you should put them aside to cool.

Before frying them, you should drain the water in them to make them dry.

Be careful not to drain too much water from the potatoes as they tend to be hard, and they lose their taste due to a lot of dryness.

Frying: place your fries in the oil and fry them for about 7-15 minutes.

De-oiling: let the excess oil drain from the frozen French fries.

Packaging: package the frozen French fries or serve them

Safety Tips to Observe When Frying Frozen French Fries with Oil

Choose oil carefully

Many oil products have their flavor, so it is good to choose best oil for frying frozen french fries flavor that will make your French fry taste delicious. Check the temperature at which oil begins to break.

It is good to check how the oil dissolves when mixed with peeled potatoes. It is advisable to check smoke point because specific oil types need a lot of heat to burn out.

Filter Oil Frequently

This is an essential process that many people forget. If you fail to filter your oil, your frozen French fries are likely to have a bad taste, and your oil does not last for a long time.

The process saves you money as you do not have to keep purchasing oil frequently.

Don’t forget to shake ice crystals off

When frying frozen French fries, you should first shake it before pouring oil because if you fail to do so, the oil will expand, causing an explosion of hot grease and water.

It is also good to shake oil thoroughly because some salad oil becomes crude when placed in cold places.

Avoid overloading your fryer basket

If you cook many types of food at once, there is a chance that they are likely to be crowded in the fryer pan, and this makes them cook unevenly.

Food that is not well cooked may lead to issues with food safety.

There are many types of oil that you can choose to prepare your frozen French fries, but it is evident that not all types are good to use.

Some oils may lead to burns, while others may lack the nutrients needed in adding aroma to your fries.

Safety is also essential when preparing the frozen French fries with oil, and filtering your oil is fundamental in saving money.

Overloading your fryer basket is also not recommended, and shaking ice crystals keeps you safe from burns.


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