Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

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Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

A Tassimo is a coffee maker equipped with a T-disc containing the beverage of your choice.

You can set a Tassimo to produce espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato by simply inserting the corresponding T-disc into the holder.

The machine also comes with a water tank and three windows on which it displays the water level for different levels of drinks (medium, large and small).

Also, many models come with an adjustable cup holder to brew coffee directly in an espresso cup or mug.

Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

Yes. You can fit Tassimo’s machine with a water heater, You can use the hot water tap built into the machine or You can buy an external electric kettle and attach it to your Tassimo, which has a standard 1.8m power cable socket and fit directly onto the appliance and be able to fill it with cold water and then heat it for your coffee. 

This provides you with hot coffee and saves you from waiting for your cold drink if the weather outside is freezing.

The most crucial thing is that you do not fill the brew tank under any circumstances.

By filling a brew tank full of water, you will be putting pressure on the internal valves and not allowing them to work efficiently.

Any water in these valves can cause damage, resulting in leaks or even a complete failure of the machine.

Tassimo themselves demonstrate this in their trouble-shooting guide which they provide with every machine.

How Do You Make A Full Cup Of Coffee With A TASSIMO?

You can make a full cup of coffee with TASSIMO, but not just by adding a little water to the cup.

The technology delivers a precise volume of water for your chosen drink size, and so you must fill up the tank before brewing.

Fill the tank with cold water, using any measure proportionate to your desired drink size. Then open up the TASSIMO App and select an appropriate program.

You can choose from specific drinks or general categories such as ‘Breakfast.’ You can also use the simple 2-button interface to select your drink size and brand.

The TASSIMO 3, for example, will automatically fill the cup with water before brewing begins.

Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

The TASSIMO AUTOSELECT does this after brewing has finished, so you can add another cup of water to increase the volume.

If you want to stop your TASSIMO during its automatic cycle, press down on the power button at the front of your machine. You can continue to program it to the end of its cycle from the App.

If you are programming a cup of filter coffee, you need to start with a full water tank.

This will provide enough water for the brew cycle and leave enough water in the tank afterward for any drinks requiring extra water volume.

If you are programming a single cup of espresso, you only need the tank to provide sufficient water for the brew cycle.

You should ensure that you have taken out some of the water before brewing begins.

Can You Use Aldi Coffee Pods In TASSIMO?

No. You cannot use Aldi coffee pods in TASSIMO because the two don’t boast compatibility. TASSIMO has an espresso mode, but Aldi doesn’t.

You cannot use coffee pods from Aldi in a TASSIMO machine. You need to change the mode by adding a dose of water to your TASSIMO.

The Aldi team guarantees that their blends are not the same as the TASSIMO ones, but they unquestionably produce a great cup of coffee.

Their capsules have a design to fit into TASSIMO’s filter basket.

You can also use the heater plate of a TASSIMO espresso machine to boil water and make tea, but you need to warm up the plate before being able to do so.

The brewing system of a TASSIMO machine

  • The heated water goes up in the pipe.
  • The coffee powder goes in the filter basket.
  • It goes down to the bottom of the coffee cup.

You can fill the water tank of your Tassimo machine with tap water, but if you want to enjoy Aldi’s water, you need a filter. You cannot use any milk in TASSIMO’s frothing system.

It is specifically for hot or cold milk only. However, you can warm up cold milk in a microwave oven and then froth it by hand.

In this case, the manufacturer advises on buying special hot milk  sold at Aldi or another brand that makes compatible products for hot milk.

Why Won’t My TASSIMO Make A Full Cup?

Your TASSIMO won’t make a full cup because the machine has run out of water. It’s essential to keep the TASSIMO topped up with fresh water.

If you don’t, it will eventually only be able to produce small cups of coffee, which is not ideal when you want a large cup.

To ensure your TASSIMO is always on top form, fill up the tank with clean water, and it should come back to a full working capacity as soon as possible.

If you are having trouble getting the TASSIMO to refill, try cleaning the pump with a small amount of warm water, unplugging the machine for a few minutes, and then plugging it back in again.

After emptying the TASSIMO, empty it again without a filter.

If you don’t want to do this or see any mold or gunk in the tank, you can use another product like Robur Clear Iced Tea, which can help eliminate all that gunk.

You could always buy one of the replacement machines with a bigger water tank and save yourself the hassle of having to clean the tank regularly.

What Is The Black Disc In A TASSIMO Water Tank?

The black disc in a TASSIMO water tank is the float. If the water tank is full, it will rise to the top and stop the water flow.

When you change your TASSIMO discs, be sure to replace this O-ring. If you forget to replace the O-ring, it can cause the tank to leak.

-Please note that you cannot ship water tanks without O-rings; if necessary, please buy them in advance. This is a TASSIMO product meant to work with TASSIMO models only.

It will not fit other brands of machines. If you do so, you violate the guidelines set forth by TASSIMO, and the company cannot be responsible for any damages due to misuse.

The company manufacturers the float using silicon soluble in water. As such, the silica gel tank may absorb water when using the machine.

More, the float will not move to the top if you are using a foreign substance in place of water, such as alcohol or juice.

If this occurs, quickly pull the plug out of the water tank and clean up any foreign substance.

-If you use a foreign substance in place of water, this may result in the float being dissolved or damaged.

If you do not use water as instructed, please note that this will affect the normal operation of your TASSIMO machine.

Once the machine is plugged in after adding water, the small amount of water left in the black disc will be sterilized and used to create your favorite drink.

If you fail to clean the filter by following the instructions above properly, it may lead to blockage of the filter and stop the flow of water.

Why Is My TASSIMO Light Red After Descaling?

Your TASSIMO light goes red after descaling because the water in your tank passed through the heating system for too long and heated the machine.

This is because of having descaled with a calcium-rich de-scaler or salt as a descaling agent. This may have caused the plastic tank to warp slightly, which stops the water valve from closing correctly.

The result is that your water tank is no longer secured to the machine and its center of gravity is not in balance.

It could also be because of using a descaling agent or a high-temperature detergent in your first brew cycle after descaling.

You can even fall off the machine or pull on the power cord if this happens, resulting in serious injuries.

To solve these problems and to avoid them from happening again. I recommend you replace your water tank by following the instructions below.

If your current water tank hasn’t broken, then it’s best to remove it from your machine since it won’t fit properly anymore after descaling:

  1. Bring the water tank to your machine, but keep it away from the hopper. Remove the hopper and put it to one side (out of the way).
  2. Turn off both switches on your machine’s front panel by pressing and holding them in a “downward” position at the same time (the “+” and “-“ symbols).
  3. Take the water tank over to a safe place where you will not injure yourself and turn the tank upside down to remove it.
  4. To replace your water tank, attach one of the two hooks on each side of the tank to one of the two metal rods at the bottom of your machine, and then attach the other hook to the second rod.
  5. Confirm that both hooks have locked onto the metal rods and are secure (make sure you can’t pull them apart).
  6. Push down on top of your water tank firmly until both hooks lock and it clicks into place.
  7. Replace the hopper on your machine, turn both switches back on, fill your water tank with fresh water, and power on.

Can You Put Milk In Reusable TASSIMO Pods?

Yes. You can use milk in reusable TASSIMO pods. The milk should be at room temperature.

  1. Place a cup under the TASSIMO machine and press the start button.
  2. Select ‘Regular Coffee’ as your drink type and select your desired size of the cup. If you are using an 8-cup, select ‘1’ for quantity. It will fill up to that line with coffee before it fills the pod with milk.
  3. Press the milk button and add a splash of milk. Stopping about halfway up the milk line (or where it says ‘Max’).
  4. Now, press the start button again. The TASSIMO will fill up your cup with coffee, then start to make your drink using the milk in the pod. The machine will only make single-shot drinks from reusable pods.

After use, wash the pod and pod holder in your dishwasher. This will also help clean inside the machine and keep it running smoothly.

Please note that not all TASSIMO coffee makers are compatible with reusable coffee pods because the lid of the reusable cup must be able to close and lock in place.

If  your machine is not compatible, read your instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.

Do TASSIMO Hot Chocolate Pods Expire?

Yes. But you can still enjoy the pods 6-12 months after expiration. There are a few ways to do so. You can refill the pod with other hot chocolate or another beverage that wasn’t inside of the TASSIMO.

The back label also states that you can use a special “food keeper” to keep your pods fresh and iced-coffee cold for up to 3 weeks.

The food holder is reusable; wash and dry it before using it on your next set of pods. Other reusable items like water [or tea] pourer can also help keep your pods fresh.

You can use the pourer with any hot or cold beverage, but it’s best to use one that doesn’t have a lot of sugar because soda will degrade the plastic of the pourer.

The drink warmer on the side from TASSIMO allows you to heat your beverages, and you can use it for any beverage you want.

Remember to use the reusable items as they will help extend your pods and keep your TASSIMO fresher for a longer time.

Also, if you don’t use your pods for at least 6 months, it’s best to throw them away so that germs don’t ruin the pod and the machine.

If you use it twice a day, change the pods every 4 months. You will find the drink pods sold in boxes of 16 and are affordable enough to buy regularly.

Can You Get Hot Water From A Tassimo?

Once you start running low on the pods, I recommend that you grab a couple more boxes until you know your next purchase.

Can You Use Dolce Gusto Pods In TASSIMO?

No. Unfortunately, the Dolce Gusto system isn’t compatible with TASSIMO. The two are too different to work together.

But that doesn’t mean you have to get the one or the other; there is an alternative.

With a simple addition of a capsule adapter, you can use your Dolce Gusto machine with any of your favorite single-serve coffee capsules and capsules from other systems.

A capsule adapter is exactly what it sounds like–an adapter that sits in between your Dolce Gusto pod and your machine, letting the two systems work together.

Also, unlike a capsule from a company dedicated to single-serve brewing machines for years, these adapters aren’t as expensive as you might think.

There are a number of choices for those who want to use their Dolce Gusto machine with a different brand of coffee or tea capsules.

It’s a good thing that Dolce Gusto made products compatible with many of the most popular single-serve machines.

However, it’s still necessary to look into the specifics of more complicated and custom machines.

These systems often require special adapters to be used with other single-serve coffee systems.These adapters don’t come with your pod brewer but are sold separately.

However, most of the time, the single-serve coffee machines include a reusable pod that you can unscrew or remove before using a different capsule.

This is convenient for cleaning and will save you money since you won’t need to buy any special accessories on top of your brewer.

The only disadvantage is that it’s less environmentally friendly to dispose of a reusable pod.

If you’re already passionate about your favorite single-serve coffee system, you know how great it can be to make a cup at home in the morning or after work.

However, there are even more ways to enjoy your favorite beverage.

Can You Use TASSIMO Coffee Pods Without A Machine?

Yes. You can use Tassimo coffee pods without a machine. You don’t have to be a machine owner to enjoy these convenient and delicious single-serve cups.

You must have a Tassimo coffee maker to make these amazing beverages, also known as a pod-based brewer.

One of the best things about Tassimo is that it requires no electricity or batteries. All that is necessary to make amazing coffee is a water-filled reservoir with an empty Tassimo pod.

That’s it. You can make your Tassimo pods or buy them online at any grocery or convenience store.

Equipment Needed:

  • Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Pods (12 pack)
  • 1 cup of water

Coffee Living Room:

  • Fill the 2 cups with water and place in the TASSIMO brewer.
  • Leave the TASSIMO brewer open for one minute.
  • Fill another cup with water and place it into the TASSIMO brewer.
  • Push the brew button down and wait for it to brew your cup.
  • Add sugar and your favorite creamer if desired.

The Kitchen:

  • Turn the hot water faucet on and fill a 4 cup measuring cup with water.
  • Place 8 oz of water into one reservoir, add a coffee pod and close the reservoir lid, ensuring it locks into place.
  • Place the water cup under the spout and fill it with 4 oz of water.
  • Push the brew button down and wait for it to brew your cup.
  • Add sugar and your favorite creamer if desired.

Can You Clean A TASSIMO Without A Disc?

No. You cannot clean a TASSIMO without a disc because you need the disc to function. The TASSIMO cannot function without the disc in the water chamber.

Without using a disc, the water will not be able to get into the sediment chamber and clean it. Without any water movement in the device, it will not be able to make you a coffee.

You will need more than one disc: first, if you’ve already used one up; second, they can break or become scratched over time and need replacing through continued use.

You need to get a new disc from your local TASSIMO dealer or online. You can use the original machine code to get the necessary discs online.


TASSIMO is a great product and brand. You can get a quick, portable cup of coffee whenever you want.

Whether at home or on the run, TASSIMO will always be there for you when you need it most.

The coffee is convenient and tasty and guaranteed to keep your energy up throughout the day or even if you’re relaxing at home and don’t feel like making yourself a whole pot of coffee.


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