Can You Microwave Vintage Jadeite? (No, See why)

Can You Microwave Vintage Jadeite?

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Can You Microwave Vintage Jadeite?

Vintage jadeite is a beautiful, durable gemstone. It’s also known as “Chinese Jade” and has had high value for thousands of years in China.

Today, people all around the world collect it because of its beauty and value. But,Can You Microwave Vintage Jadeite?

No. Microwaving vintage jadeite is a No-go.The heat from the microwave can cause it to explode or Shatter. You will risk destroying your valuable heirloomsso and pieces of jadeite or antique pieces of Jade. You’ll want to avoid this tempting mistake, unless you’re trying to make a Molotov cocktail. 

Jadeite’s make is from quartz and will heat fast in the microwave.The finer points may even melt and catch fire.

The extreme heat generated by microwaves will break down their molecular structure and make them brittle and fragile.

No ovens for vintage jadeite. You should also avoid using your heirloom collection of vintage jadeites as a cooking stone.

The old pieces of jewelry were hand-carved and had flaws you could exacerbate with exposure to high temperatures, such as those used in an oven.

There’s no guarantee that your oven will maintain a consistent temperature, which could damage your antique if you’re not watching it.

Does All Vintage Jadeite Glow?

It’s common knowledge that all vintage jadeite does not glow. However, while some vintage jadeite does not glow under ultraviolet light (UV), many others do.

Green and brown jadeite is growing in numbers. It emits a greenish or brownish glow under UV, like modern jadeite from Myanmar.

In the past, it was easier to tell if a piece of vintage jadeite glowed by simply looking at it.

Vintage pieces with trapped gas bubbles would usually glow under UV.

The nitrogen gas emitted during production will often absorb ambient UV light and re-emit it as orange or yellow fluorescence.

But today’s new batches of “glow” jadeite have no visible bubbles to betray their glowing nature when viewed in normal lighting conditions.

So to tell it apart from modern jadeite, one needs to use a UV light to see the green glow.

But sometimes “glow” jadeite emits an orange or yellow fluorescence, like vintage pieces with trapped gas bubbles.

So how does one tell if a vintage piece glows under UV?

The trick is that it will not only glow green under long-wave ultraviolet light, but it will also glow greenish-brown under shortwave ultraviolet light.

Shortwave ultraviolet light has shorter wavelengths compared to long-wave.

Meaning that it can penetrate deeper into jadeite and cause more nitrogen molecules to emit energy as fluorescence.

The material itself to emit what looks like a brownish glow. This effect becomes more pronounced with the increasing thickness of the jadeite.

Sometimes the brown glow is so strong that it completely overpowers any green fluorescence.

How To Care For Jadeite Dishes

Below are some tips on how to properly maintain your Jadeite dishware to preserve its beauty for years

Keep your dishes in an area where they will not experience sudden temperature changes or extreme vibrations.

This includes keeping them away from air conditioners, heaters, microwaves, etc.

Wash with mild soap and water before first use only, then rinse well with cold water after each time you use the dishware

Hand wash with mild bar soap and brush, then rinse with cold water until the water is clear.

Does Fire-King Jadeite Contain Lead?

Store in an area safe from scratches, falls, and other impacts.

Wipe off tiny particles of dust that accumulate on the dishware’s surface (NOTE: do not wipe any drops of liquid)

  • Do not soak or put your jadeite dishware in a dishwasher
  • Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight/UV rays as this will cause some pieces to fade faster than usual
  • Do not use abrasive sponges or pads for cleaning
  • Use only wooden utensils when cooking or eating by hand (metal can scratch or chip some pieces.

When washing your hands while using your jadeite dishware, only use cold water and a gentle soap to avoid chipping or scratching the dishes because of excessive movement.

If you must hand-wash a large quantity at once, do not soak your jadeite for over 1 hour, as this can damage the glaze.

Does Jadeite Glow Under UV Light?

Jadeite does not glow under UV light and thus is not suitable for glow-in-the-dark (“glow”) jewelry.

While jadeite can look quite green when exposed to visible light, it does not emit green light when exposed to UV light.

Jadeite does not glow under UV light because it glows in the visible spectrum and absorbs ultraviolet radiation.

Many other gemstones glow under UV light, including tanzanite, zircon, fluorite, and uvarovite.

While some people consider this lack of UV fluorescence to be proof that jadeite is not a form of Jade.  ‘

‘Jade’ should always glow under UV light, other people consider this proof that jadeite should indeed count as one variety of Jade.

No variety of genuine Jade emits visible light under UV illumination. When subjected to UV light, Jade can also appear black (e.g., Saskatchewan) or white (e.g., pectolite).

Can You Microwave Vintage Fire-King?

“The answer is yes! You can use your microwave to reheat food on vintage pieces such as these so long as they are not chipped or cracked.

Make sure the pattern is from the Fire-King Oven Ware line and that they are in otherwise great condition.”

The microwave is a convenient kitchen tool for reheating food.

Many people have adopted it because it’s fast and saves time and energy compared to other heating methods such as stovetop or oven.

While some vintage pieces may handle microwaving, others with cracks or chips will not. When using vintage items.

You should always take extra caution to avoid damaging them with heat.

Below are tips on microwaving vintage Fire-King(Amazon Link) pieces safely, so they hold up for years to come.

Can You Put Fire-King Jadeite In The Dishwasher?

Yes ! You can wash Jade in the dishwasher. However, it’s not recommended because the ceramic glaze might wear off.

Fire-King dishes are okay to wash in the dishwasher as long as you don’t have any of those pesky “don’t use with heat” labels on them.

If you want to know if your product is safe for the dishwasher, look for a stamp that says “dishwasher safe.” If there isn’t one, then it probably isn’t.

Dishwashers will only splash water around, whereas hand-washing involves scrubbing and cleaning products to keep them clean longer.

But there are two sides to this story – some products are safer when cleaned by machines rather than hands, especially with cups.

But again, if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting their dishware in the dishwasher, then heed their warning.

Fire-King jadeite is safe for the dishwasher only if you do not have any of those pesky “don’t use with heat” labels on your dishes.

You can wash Jade in the dishwasher as long as there are no warnings from manufacturers that say otherwise.

You should not put dishes without a “dishwasher safe” stamp into the machine because they might wear off.

If you want to know if your product is safe for the dishwasher, look for a stamp that says “dishwasher safe.”

Fire-King Jadeite dishes are okay to wash in the dishwasher as long as you don’t have any of those pesky “don’t use with heat” labels on them.

Is All Fire-King Jadeite Marked?

The answer is no. Not all the Fire-King Jadeite had the “F” for fire-resistant or “J” for jadeite.

To tell if it’s marked, you need to know what markings are on unmarked pieces so you can compare them with your piece.

The most common marking found in unmarked pieces is the word “Fire-King.”

If you find a piece that says this word but says nothing else about being fire-resistant or made of jadeite, then it will probably not have any markings at all.

This means that there could very well be pieces unmarked out there in collections around the world.

The most common marking found on fire-resistant pieces is the word, “Fire-King” written in upper case red letters and followed by two lines.

A space will fall between these two lines, and then it would say either “F” for fire-resistant or “J” for jadeite.

If you find a piece that says the word “Fire-King” but does not have any other markings.

It’s safe to assume that it’s not marked with anything more specific than just the name of the pattern: Fire-King.

Is Black Jade Expensive?

The stone is not expensive. It’s very affordable. Black Jade is a shale form, a sedimentary rock that contains shale gas and oil.

High manganese oxide and iron levels cause the black color, which colors the Shale dark gray and black.

This would make it very affordable and accessible to almost anyone.

Manganese dioxide (in its natural mineral form) is a chemical compound with the formula MnO2.

It occurs naturally as the mineral pyrolusite, also known as Aspisolite, an ore of manganese used in steelmaking and production of particular stainless steel.

Black Jade also contains other metals.

They include silica, Ferro magnesium minerals, calcium magnesium, iron carbonate hydroxy siderite, magnesite, and clay-slate.

It’s found in Tibet at altitudes up to 700 meters above sea level.

The Chinese have used black Jade for centuries as a gemstone, and it’s often used in carvings because of the stone’s strength and durability.

Price-wise, black Jade, similar to other forms of Jade, can range from cheap to very expensive depending on the quality, though most are affordable for most people.

The most expensive piece sold online gathered $3 million at an auction.

If you buy black jade pieces, read up on them or do some research before spending too much money.

A simple Google search will yield all the information you need.

Are Fire-King Dishes Oven Safe?

Yes. They made these dishes for use in any kitchen, so they’re perfect for cooking and baking.

Reputable retailers like Find Me a Gift and Everything Kitchens sell Fire King kitchenware in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes.

If you’re looking for oven-safe dishes that you can use to bake individual-sized cakes or casseroles.

You may find that the original Fire King dishes sold in stores such as this stoneware made to make their oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 Celsius).

If your dish has an “oven-safe” symbol, it’s also safe to use in the microwave.

They discontinued Fire-King dinnerware manufactured by Anchor Hocking years ago and are now highly collectible and often more expensive than newer patterns.

Original vintage Fire King mugs are also oven safe, but you should avoid microwaving them to keep the enamel from chipping.

Remember that Fire-King is not only for baking or cooking; you can use it in the refrigerator, dishwasher, and even freezer with no problem.

Don’t use it under a broiler because it’s not designed for this kind of heat exposure.

If your dishes aren’t marked with an “oven-safe” symbol or they’re chipped or otherwise damaged.

Check with the manufacturer before using them in the kitchen to ensure they won’t emit hazardous materials when heated.

Nonstick coatings often contain chemicals that could give off fumes at high temperatures; whether their labeling warns against microwave use, read the label anyway to play it safe.

Why Are Some Jadeite Dark And Others Light?

Jadeite is a type of quartz that exhibits two different colours, light and dark. The color difference comes from the chemical impurities within the jadeite.

The impurities are mainly iron, chromium, titanium, and aluminum. The most common of these ‘impurities’ is iron oxide.

The difference in the color comes from how much of each one is present in the jadeite.

Aluminum creates a bluish hue which is more apparent when there are more significant amounts of it present.

Chromium is responsible for green or yellowish-green hues. Iron oxide can be red to brown, producing pink colors with an opaque crystal structure.

And finally, titanium is said to produce white colors with its transparent crystal structure.


Jadeite lovers know Jade is a beautiful and delicate material that you must preserve and care for.

You may already have some vintage pieces in your collection.

However, if not, you should have them as they are still widely available at many antique stores and online retailers alike.

You can often find Vintage Fire-King dishes on eBay or through the company themselves, so keep an eye out.


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