Can You Use A Traeger With No Pellets?( Guide)

Can You Use A Traeger With No Pellets?

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Can You Use A Traeger With No Pellets?

A Traeger is a grill that uses wood pellets. The company has been in business since the 1980s.

It has grown to be one of the most well-known grills on the market today. Traeger offers several models for different cooking, such as smoking, roasting, and more.

But, Can You Use A Traeger With No Pellets?

No! With Traeger, You will need to have pellets that will allow you to grill. If you try to do this with no pellets in the chamber, the temperature within your grill will reduce and eventually flame off, the machine won’t work. You’ll get smoke coming out of it and nothing else.

If you keep using dirty pellets, they will clog up your auger and prevent airflow within the grill, causing excessive flare-ups.

Here is some advice on making sure your Traeger is always ready for any occasion.

– Make sure you buy enough pellets before running out (you can never have too many)

– Monitor your supply and fill up as needed. Check the temperature gauge more often and take care of your machine by cleaning it after every use.

Can you grill on a Traeger?

Yes, You can, but it will be a little different from standard grill/smoker use. A Traeger is a wood pellet-fed smoker with an attached gas-powered auger to feed the heating element.

The manufacturer compares the auger to stirring soup in a pot with a ladle.

Instead of relying on convection or conduction of heat transfer, manufacturers describe this as almost “soup propulsion” – which is hard not to chuckle at.

Various retailers and marketers have applied many of these haphazard marketing labels over the years.

However, they don’t tell you what’s going on inside your Traeger more often than not. In reality, it means that there is no “heat” setting to change.

You set the temperature based on how many pellets you load into your hopper and what temp you like your food.

Do pellet grills catch fire?

Yes, But many other factors go into what makes a good grill. So before you make your decision, it’s important to consider everything.

-Pellet grills make cooking easy. Some models come with a push-button ignition system that is very convenient for busy cooks.

Their reliability makes pellet grills(Amazon Link) perfect choices for people on vacation away from home or campers who may use their grill often.

Most pellet grills feature an automatic shut-off feature which adds more convenience by shutting down the grill when it’s not in use.

It’s important to note that while some pellet grills might catch fire because of improper maintenance, misuse, or damage, many of them will not.

Thus, you should always follow your manufacturer’s instructions and owner’s manual when using this type of grill.

Even though most pellet grills are safe to use, it’s important to follow these safety guidelines more often to reduce further risk of your grill catching fire:

-Clean around the removable parts of your grill often.

-Never leave food burning on an unattended grill or allow anyone on the cooking surface while you are gone

-Be sure that the internal mechanism and parts of your grill are dry and clean before lighting it up

-Do not fix any problems with this piece of equipment without first having a professional review the issue for you

-Try using water and soap to clear out excess debris inside all vents, trays, and firepots after each use.

As charcoal burns down completely, you must allow the charcoal to cool before obliterating it from your grill.

Can You Use A Traeger With No Pellets?

-If you plan to use your grill at high temperatures for a long period, be sure to check in on it regularly to reduce any excess heat that may cause damage.

Even when turned off, a hot grill can still catch fire if not properly prepared or cleaned after each use.

-Be aware that pellet grills are not designed to cook over an open flame.

Thus, it would be best if you never used them this way due to how easy they are to ignite when left unattended

-Do not raise the temperature beyond the requirement needed.

By using higher temperature settings without proper ventilation or insulation between the device and combustibles in proximity

-Never leave children alone with a grill of any kind

-Maintain your grill at all times and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in replacing parts, cleaning, and using a water-based lubricant for all moving parts

-Be sure that you dispose of damaged or worn-out grills.

It is important to note that most pellet grills are most safe to use. Provided you follow the safety guidelines provided by manufacturers.

Also, always remember to cook inside your house if necessary. Pellet grills can be a great way to add convenience to cooking.

However, they may not be the best option for every home. So before making this type of investment in your future, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Why Does My Pellet Grill Keep Catching On Fire?

This is because of improper use of the pellet smoker, but other factors such as overheating or an electrical malfunction in the appliance may be the cause.

Pellet smokers are high-quality home appliances designed to provide you with a safe and easy way of cooking.

With that said, pellet smokers have unique problems that the user needs to address to get the most out of them.

Here are some common reasons your grill might catch fire.

  • Overloading pellets into the hopper (amateur) – If you overfill the pellet hopper, excess pellets will drop in the burn pot.

Which can cause excess flare-ups when you start your cook.

The best rule-of-thumb is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for filling it up, typically around 4 lbs/hour for most pellet grills.

  • Overcooking meat. – Your pellet grill can only handle so much meat before it burns through the insulation. This may cause smoking or catch on fire.

If you are cooking more than your average piece of meat, take the increase in temperature steadily throughout the cook.

This will allow the heat to spread out evenly throughout the smoker and avoid concentration points that might damage any parts of the grill.

  • You’re not cleaning your pellets (real talk) – It’s important to clean your hopper every few cooks because burned pellets start smoldering early in their life cycle.

If you keep using dirty pellets, they will clog up your auger and prevent airflow within the grill, causing excessive flare-ups.

Cleaning your hopper is pretty simple. You can use either a wire brush or compressed air to clean out the pellets.

Can Traeger Stay Outside In Winter?

Yes! You can take several steps to ensure that your Traeger is ready for all types of weather.

-Make sure your grill is properly winterized. This means draining the carburetor and all fluids from your grill, cleaning it out, and adding a cap full of oil to the fuel bowl.

-When winterizing your grill, you should also check for any damage or cracks in the housing and anything that could become a water source.

(Such as used charcoal ash or melting snow/ice.)

Suppose there are any issues with the grill itself.In that case, it will be best to have them taken care of.

Before putting them away rather than risk having those items freeze overnight and then potentially bursting under pressure the following day.

-If you have a solar cover for your grill, use it! This will help protect your grill from snowfall and any other precipitation or moisture.

This cover can help keep the heat in throughout the day while your grill is idle rather than letting all that heat escape into the open air.

-During colder months, monitor the temperature inside your grill’s smoker box(s).

Make sure that there isn’t too much ash build-up or anything else that could become a blockage.

-Keep the area around your grill clear of snow on all sides and above where you store it.

Heavy snowfall might damage or even tip over your grill if not properly cleared away.

This is especially important on the backside, where falling snow could block access to your propane tank.

Is It Safe To Use A Traeger In A Garage?

Yes! But first, there are some safety precautions to take when using your Traeger in your garage.

If you don’t want any sparks or embers flying out of the door and catching something on fire.

Make sure that you close all doors leading into the garage before turning on your grill.

Make sure you have stored no flammable materials (such as oil) near your grill area.

Ensure that nothing combustible hangs over the side of the grill like curtains or clothes dryer vents.

For added protection from sparks and embers getting away from the grill, set up a wet/dry vac behind your grill.

If you notice any sparks or embers that escape from the side of your grill;

Use a long stick to turn off the power switch on the side of the grill and wait 15 minutes before going back over to check for sparks or embers.

While it’s safe to use a Traeger(Amazon Link) in a garage, there are safety precautions you should take when using your Traeger in a garage.

Make sure you have stored no flammable materials (such as oil) near your grill area and that nothing combustible hangs over the side of the grill.

Place a wet/dry vacuum behind your grill if sparks get away from the unit itself.

Close all doors leading into the garage before grilling, and make sure no sparks or embers get out of the front door when you’re grilling.

How Do You Winterize A Traeger Grill?

Here are some tips to make sure that your grill is ready for the colder months ahead.

  • Drain all the propane from the tank by turning off the gas supply and unscrewing any hose connections leading to it.
  • Cover any openings with insulation or plastic wrap to prevent snow, rain, or ice from getting into them and causing damage.
  • Disconnect all wires and tubes leading to either side of the grill’s heating element by unclamping clamps.

(Holding them in place before covering with insulation or plastic wrap as well)

  • Scrape off excess grease inside the smoker box, drain holes to help prevent jams, and cover the smoker box with insulation or plastic wrap.
  • Store your grill away from water sources such as outside walls or overhangs. If you store your grill indoors, have a fan installed to dry it out.

Do Pellet Grills Give Off Carbon Monoxide?

No. Unlike traditional gas or charcoal grills that emit carbon monoxide, pellet grills do not release any harmful emissions when used properly.

For many homeowners with small backyard spaces.

Pellet grilling provides an excellent taste of outdoor cooking without all the smoke and flare-ups you might expect from a traditional grill.

Do You Put Water In Your Pellet Smoker?

Whether or not to add liquid is a personal preference. Some people like moisture added, while others prefer to dry it.

The general rule of thumb is 1/4 cup per 20 pounds of pellets. However, this can range depending on the type of wood used as well as your desired outcome.

Water is critical in the pellet smoker to prevent sticking and so that the pellets don’t burn up.

The water will prevent any charring or burning of the wood pellets by putting out the heat source.

It also helps create steam, which transfers heat more efficiently than just hot air. And finally, it adds humidity to the inside of your machine.

This absorbs moisture from your meat as it smokes, producing a more tender finished product.

Do Pellet Grill Temps Fluctuate?

Yes, it does. The precise reasons for this are complex and not entirely understood, but in most cases.

The fluctuations are small enough to have little or no effect on cooking performance. Still, sometimes they can be significant.

As a pellet smoker’s controller cycles pellets on and off the fire.

It maintains an average temperature by measuring the grill temperature with a probe inserted into the cooking chamber.


The Traeger is a great grill for people looking to enjoy smoked meats, vegetables, and more.

You can use it as an indoor or outdoor grill with just some minor adjustments.

However, it does not come without its own set of questions that many owners ask themselves when they first purchase their new pellet smoker.

Yet, I hope you now have answers to most Traeger burning questions.


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