Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

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Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is an appliance used to keep food warm. Most people also know it as a warming tray or an urn.

The drawer can hold up to ten pounds of food, and it’s typically placed on top of the stove or oven.

Some people like warming drawers because they are fairly inexpensive, simple to clean and maintain, and only require electricity when activated by an external switch.

Yes. The appliance has a warming drawer, which helps the oven maintain an even cooking temperatures.The temperature settings vary from 200 degrees Fahrenheit (94 degrees Celsius) to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). The time setting can range from 10 minutes up to three hours.

You’ll find the drawer located in the lower-back middle of some models of LG ovens. Warming drawers usually have settings for both heat level and time.

You can use ovens with warming drawers as a cooking area. You can roast a chicken in the oven and then place it in the warming drawer to keep warm until serving time.

Or you can place cooked food in the drawer to stay warm throughout dinner.

The warming drawer is an element of the larger “True European Convection” or “True Convection” system that allows even distribution of heat over all parts of the oven cavity.

If you want to use your oven without a warming drawer, you need to turn the “Convection” feature off. You can do this by looking in the manual for your oven.

You can also adjust the oven temperature to a lower setting to avoid cooking food too quickly.

How Do I Know If My The Oven Has A Warming Drawer?

You can identify your oven’s warm drawer by checking its buttons. On the right-hand side of each button will be a symbol of a drawer, indicating the oven you have has a warming drawer.

Often, you’ll find these located on the lower right-hand side of the panel. If you press that button, it will reveal itself to be a drawer.

If you do not have a symbol on your buttons, your oven does not have an internal warming drawer.

Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

This can come in handy during those cold winter nights when all you want is to curl up and heat some soup for dinner.

However, if the symbol does not appear on your buttons, this does not mean that you do not have a warming drawer.

If you check the bottom of the panel on your oven and note a symbol, it may indicate it’s there, but it’s either not currently activated or too small to see.

This could mean that they made your oven in a different factory.

On some models, you’ll find them located under the control panel on the front side of your oven. This is a little smaller and looks very similar but has no symbol.

Also, if you have a display window installed, it’s behind the window, which is almost impossible to see.

How Do You Use Warming Drawer On An LG Oven?

The warming drawer is a hidden feature of LG ovens, and it makes preparing and serving healthy meals easier.

The drawer allows the foods you cook to keep their natural moisture, ensuring that food doesn’t dry out. This can be very useful for enchiladas, often dried out when cooking on the stovetop.

The Steps Below Will Explain How To Use The Warming Drawer

Turn your oven on using the dial, then select a temperature. You can use the warming drawer with any oven’s pre-set temperatures, including an automatic heat mode.

Push in the buttons below the dial corresponding to your desired heat level. The light will confirm your selection, and your oven is ready to cook.

If you need to enter more settings before cooking, press the “O” button to cancel the warming drawer set. Open the door to the warming drawer by pulling down on the handle.

Be sure to keep your fingers and face clear of any hot areas, including around the oven’s inside walls. Close the door, and you are ready to cook.

If your LG oven has an automatic cleaning feature, it will automatically clean while using the warming drawer.

Once your food finishes cooking, please remove it from the oven using pot holders or oven mitts.

You can place the warming drawer to keep warm while preparing other foods or warming a plate or platter.

Press the “O” button to cancel the warming drawer setting and turn off your oven if you finish cooking. Remember that you can only keep food warm in the oven for about an hour.

After an hour, it will begin to cool down. A timer will appear on your oven’s display screen, showing the time remaining until the cool down begins.

If you don’t want to use the warming drawer, skip the steps above and continue cooking normally.

When you finish cooking, please turn off the oven and allow it to cool completely before cleaning. Please do not leave it on or plug it in while cooling.

What Do I Do If My Oven Drawer Is Stuck?

Ovens are notorious for not opening when they should; this is a common occurrence, and it’s because of something as simple as an item sitting on the bottom of the oven drawer.

That said, there may also be a mechanical issue that needs fixing. There are two common fixes for oven drawers that won’t open:

-No matter the problem, only attempt to fix it if you’re confident in your abilities or have someone to show you how. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, leave it to a professional.

-Be careful with household items that may contain sharp edges, such as screwdrivers and pliers. They may fix the issue, but they can also hurt you.

-If your oven drawer is stuck in the locked position and won’t open even when unlocked, you may have to remove the drawer from the oven (or at least lift it enough to get around it) for these steps to work.

-Do not perform these steps if you have an electric oven. If the drawer is stuck, try unlocking the drawer and gently pushing it open.

The chances are that whatever was holding the drawer closed has now cleared so that the drawer may slide open easily.

If it’s not stuck but locked and you need to unlock it, try using a screwdriver or use your oven’s manual override (if one exists).

If neither of these works, try removing the drawer from the oven to allow space for other items to open it.

Can You Use A Warming Drawer As A Slow Cooker?

Yes. You can use a warming drawer as a slow cooker. You will need to switch the warming drawer to its “warm” setting. Warming drawers typically have five temperature settings.

The higher the temperature, the quicker food will cook, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry or want your food to be done entirely and piping hot.

But a slower cooking time is also beneficial for dishes like meats that traditionally take an hour or two of braising or simmering time to break down tough connective tissues and make them tender enough for eating.

Many cooks are also concerned about checking food too frequently, making it tough or rubbery.

Another pro of using a warming drawer as a slow cooker is that the food will be ready whenever you are, without having to slave away over the stove all day long.

So if you need dinner ready when you’re home and want to nap or soak in the tub until people arrive, a slow cooker may be an attractive option.

Can You Defrost Chicken In A Warming Drawer?

Yes. You can defrost chicken in a warming drawer. Here is how.

▪ The first step is to take out the plastic packaging from all your chicken pieces and place them onto the plate or cookie sheet.

▪ Next, you need to find the warmest spot in your refrigerator, which could be on top of a plate warmer or near an air vent. Place it there for 2 hours.

This will ensure that your chicken defrosts over a long period.

▪ After 2 hours, it’s important to check if the chicken pieces have thawed enough. To test this, try to lift a drumstick.

There is no need to take it out of the warming drawer if it moves freely.

If not, you need to put them back in the drawer for another 30-60 minutes before testing again.

It’s better to check frequently instead of leaving your chicken in the warming drawer all night.

▪ When ready to cook, look at the packaging and follow the cooking time. You can immediately cook the most prepackaged chicken after thawing.

Still, it’s also fine to cook it a day later, as long as you properly wrap it in the plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator.

What Is The Difference Between A Warming Drawer And An Oven?

A warming drawer is not typically as hot as an oven. You can set warmers to a much lower temperature than an oven since they’re intended for warming rather than cooking.

A warmer may take a little longer to heat fully, but you can still cook on it after reaching the desired temperature.

And, since the warmer has a glass door, you can visually monitor the food’s progress. If your food isn’t quite ready, but you are, turn off the warmer and serve when ready.

Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is often used to warm plates and flatware for guests. It’s also great for keeping hot foods at serving temperature without overcooking.

Spread out some different foods in a warming drawer to create a buffet while waiting for everyone to arrive before sitting down to eat.

The primary use for a warming drawer is to keep food warm without overcooking.

Check your food after the recommended time given in the recipe and turn off the warmer when ready.

If you plan on using it to keep food hot while attending your party, put in food close to serving time as possible and monitor it, so you don’t overcook it.

Since warmers are not suitable for cooking, don’t try to bake or roast meats or vegetables in a warming drawer. The food may get too hot, and too much burning outside the food may occur.

Is The Oven Drawer A Broiler?

Yes. Follow these steps:

-First, Plug in the oven.  Do this by flipping the circuit breaker in your home or by inserting a stove plugin into the back of your oven.

Your other option is to set it on a timer and turn it off throughout the day.

-Next, place what you plan to either broil or bake below the heat source at high temperature, where your oven usually would be.

-Third, when the item you have chosen reaches the desired temperature, allow it to cool.

If this grid is a broiler, follow the same guideline with heating time and cooling time, but at a much lower temperature.

-You may need to remove the items from the heat source. To better observe the heat rising out of the cupboard, you may need to stand on a stepladder to remove what is in the cupboard safely.

-Last, you can reheat the food again at a high temperature. This can show how hot the food is and how quickly it heats when placed back in the heat source.

Please don’t use the oven for cooking. It’s not a safe way to cook food.

Is A Warming Drawer The Same As A Proving Drawer?

Yes. A warming drawer is the same as a proving drawer. They are both used in food preparation and storage.

Proving drawers have a larger capacity to hold greater amounts of food while they are being cooked or stored.

In contrast, warming drawers have smaller capacities that can only store smaller amounts of food that may not require cooking or storing.

Warming drawers are more basic than proving drawers because they serve fewer purposes than their counterparts but still provide essential functionality in the kitchen while achieving their purpose.

Proving drawers are for many things, but the most important reason is to help cool food before cooking it.

The drawer contains heat and holds the food in a controlled environment to maintain its natural temperature, getting no hotter than necessary.

As mentioned before, sort of like how an oven would work in a conventional kitchen. The food remains at a constant temperature and cooks evenly. 

Proving drawers are also for storing food.

The heat contents of the drawer help preserve the food for longer periods, which is great for families who enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties but can’t always be there to cook the food when it’s necessary.

Proving drawers have glass doors to see still what the food is even when you close the door.

This means you can still enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the food, even if you don’t have time to cook it right at that moment.

Can I Put Plates In The Warming Drawer?

Yes. Using a plate warmer drawer or an electric warming tray, you can put plates in. The only difference is that a regular warming dish will need to stay uncovered while running.

If you need to save on electricity costs, place your dishes in the dishwasher and run it through a dry cycle before turning on the heating drawer or electric tray to save energy and clean your dishes simultaneously.

Nowadays, our ovens also have heating drawers for convenience purposes. The heating drawer isn’t for heating food, but it will do the job just fine if you consider the following:

The heating drawer is specifically for plates, small glass, and ceramic items. So large pans might be too much for your appliance.

Does My LG Oven Have A Warming Drawer?

You shouldn’t use the heating drawer to heat or store food for a long time. When heating, food heats from the bottom and the top, so it can be too hot in some spots.

It might get moldy or covered in condensation when storing food for a long time.

If you use a ceramic plate heat retain product like Ceramic Logic or EnerGel Platetect, it’s best not to use a regular ceramic or glass plate for storage as the extra heat will make the area around the food too hot.

You can use a silicone plate for storage.


LG ovens are suitable for people who love cooking and keeping food at home.

It is important to get the right information on what you can do on your LG oven and try to do some experiments since there’s no telling what else you might discover.


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