Does Walmart Assemble Grills? (Detailed Guide)

Does Walmart Assemble Grills?

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Does Walmart Assemble Grills?

Grills are a type of cooking appliance used for cooking food over an open flame.

Grilling usually takes place outside, but there are also indoor grills for those living in colder climates or who don’t have outdoor space.

Outdoor grills can be gas-fired or charcoal-fired, and they can vary significantly in size and design.

But, you may ask Does Walmart Assemble Grills?

No! Most of the grills sold by Walmart aren’t assembled, so customers will need to assemble these items themselves before using them. If you do not feel like assembling your grill, contact a professional for help with assembly or buy pre-assembled models from other stores.

Walmart assembles grills for a fee of $19.97 in North Carolina and Tennessee, but a third-party contractor performs the assembly.

Can You Buy A Grill Assembled?

Yes, many stores sell fully assembled grills. You can also buy the individual parts of a grill separately and assemble them yourself.

For example, some stores sell metal frames with or without cover plates but without cooking grids or other accessories.

Other stores only sell the woodworking components of a barbecue.These include metal brackets and bottom joints.

They may sell them in bundles that contain everything needed to build a complete frame, including cutting materials such as aluminium piping and screws for joining all the pieces.

Some stores offer custom-sawed framing posts that allow consumers to choose their desired height.

The drawback of assembling your grill, as opposed to buying a pre-assembled unit, is that you must install the cooking grids.

If you are not experienced with barbecuing or do not have an oven thermometer to test the heat of your fire.

It’s challenging to determine whether the grids are ready for use and how much torching they will need.

Does Walmart Canada Assemble BBQ?

Walmart Canada does not assemble barbecue grills. Customers must assemble the grills on their own.

This is because of liability issues and legal requirements for workers’ compensation.

Walmart provides online shopping help for customers who wish to build their barbecue grill at home.

This, done with an instructional video, parts list, written directions, a customer service telephone number, and email address.

Walmart Canada stores offer replacement parts to complete the assembly upon request.

A customer review on stated they could build their barbecue with help from the Walmart Canada .

Still, it was difficult to tell where each piece went based on the pictures in the instructions.

Do Grills Come In A Box?

No, Because they don’t need assembly. All the parts will be there, ready for installation.

You’ll have to unpack them from their shipping container and set them up where you want them.

For most people, this means setting up near their kitchen so that they can transport food with ease.

Does Walmart Assemble Grills?

Mostly between the two locations with minimal fussing around with dishes and utensils.

If you order a built-in grill, they install the parts where it will be permanently located. This is usually near the kitchen of your home or eatery.

The drawback to this is that they’re nearly always more expensive than freestanding grills.

Freestanding units also need professional installation if you don’t have experience with similar projects.

Underground piping requires electrical wiring before installing the grill itself.

Built-in grills are often stainless steel, while freestanding models are usually constructed of porcelain-coated steel or cast iron.

Stainless steel lasts longer but requires some regular maintenance to keep it looking shiny and new for years to follow each use of your outdoor oven or smoker.

The porcelain enamel or cast-iron coatings protect the steel from rusting, meaning you don’t have to clean your outdoor cooking appliance frequently.

Can You Fit A Grill In An SUV?

Yes! There are many options for grills that will take up less space than your average gas grill.

The best choice for those with limited vehicle storage space would be the portable Coleman RoadTrip, LXE Grill.

They have explicitly designed this compact propane stove for campers and RV enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor cooking on their travels.

The Coleman Road Trip(Amazon Link) LXE Grill (LXE), is easy to transport. Its compact dimensions of 21” x 19” x 41” allow it to fit most vehicles.

Two small but powerful 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners create heat for cooking; the steel construction provides durability and lasting value.

You can place a griddle accessory over one burner to provide a flat surface for cooking pancakes or other foods like eggs or sausages.

The LXE includes an 11-pound propane tank, which will last 12 hours on low flame and 6 hours on high; this saves you additional trips out of the house to refill your gas.

Automatic electronic ignition starts the grill with ease.

With an adjustable rack height feature, you can place the grill grate at various heights to accommodate tall food items like steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, or even slow-cook foods.

This makes it possible for you to prepare two different dishes simultaneously if you so choose.

For instance, you can place barbecue ribs down low where they will slowly braise in their juices while your vegetables are grilling higher out of any excess liquid that accumulates.

Another nice feature is a built-in temperature gauge on the front of this appliance; this gives you quick access to see how much heat generates inside for cooking efficiency.

The LXE has stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated wire cooking grids, which are rust-resistant and easy to clean.

Do Weber Grills Come With A Tank?

Yes! A standard Weber grill comes with an 18-inch stainless steel gas grill with a propane tank underneath it.

The propane tank comes attached to the grill and is well hidden underneath a steel cover.

You can also buy a cover separately if you want to protect your grill from weather or elements.

Remember that there is no snow on the grill before starting it up since this will cause an explosion.

The Weber Q2200 natural gas grill has a 13-inch diameter, making it portable and easy to transport.

It only weighs around 55 lbs., but it can still hold up to 149lbs of food.

Like other models from this brand, the lid comprises cast aluminium with a heat-resistant handle, so it won’t burn you when you touch it.

The Weber Genesis II E-310(Amazon Link) comes with a 32,000 BTU brass burner and two stainless steel burners that can produce 10,800 BTU per hour.

The cast-iron grates comprise porcelain enamel and are very durable. It also has a grease management system to keep your grill clean and efficient.

This model weighs around 286 lbs., so you will not have a simple time transporting it from one point in your garden to another.

Can You Use A 30 Lb Propane Tank On A Grill?

Yes, but it may not be the best idea.They mainly designed a 30 lb propane tank for a big grill with ample cooking space, not the smaller one.

You can use it on your small grill, but you should also consider its risks. The size of the grilling area in the burner determines how much heat the burner can generate.

But heat generation isn’t all that matters with cooking. Burners are usually sized according to BTU (British Thermal Unit) or “heat output.”

It’s not always linked to the BTU value, though – some manufacturers inflate their numbers while others deflate them.

The higher BTUs mean faster heating and more power output, meaning that there will be more hot spots and less room available for adjustments.

This usually means that 30-pound tanks are better for large grills, while the 20-pounders are smaller cooking spaces.

30 lb propane tanks have a higher pressure than those with smaller capacity, and it could cause a dangerous situation if you connect a small grill to a 30 lb tank.

For example, joining a small grill to a 30-lb tank may cause an explosive backflow of gas from the tank through your regulator into your lines and regulator – not good.

If you intend to use the grill only once or twice, try it out.

If you plan on using it more often or leaving it unattended while cooking, get yourself another tank that is suitable for the size of your grill.

To resolve this dilemma, use two smaller tanks parallel or one big tank and a regulator extension to refill the small tank once it’s empty.

If the grill is in your yard and doesn’t need much attention, you can combine these methods for convenience and save money on propane in the long run.

Will Lowes Assemble Grills?

Yes, Lowe’s offers an assembly service for gas grills found in their “Outdoor Living” department.

The service will include:

  • Putting the grill together.
  • Connecting the gas tank.
  • Testing for leaks.
  • Adjusting the valves.

They will also clean it after construction is complete.

If you have any special requests, such as a particular type of connection or burner orientation, they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

It’s important to note that Lowe’s will only assemble the grill on the cart.

Does Walmart Assemble Grills For Free?

There is no free assembly service for grills offered by Walmart.

Walmart assembles grills for a fee of $19.97 in North Carolina and Tennessee, but a third-party contractor performs the assembly.

In all other states, Walmart does not offer an assembly service for grills.

However, the company provides extensive customer support to help customers assemble their grills at home.

For example, instructional videos are available on YouTube that shows how to put together popular grill brands such as Weber and Char-Broil.

A section on Walmart’s website is particularly dedicated to outdoor cooking products with links that provide specific instructions.

These may include assembling different barbecue equipment, including gas grills.

According to its website, Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, and in America, it operates over 8,100 stores.

The company sells every type of product: groceries, clothes, home goods, and even car parts.

It also has an extensive food department that includes fresh fruit and vegetables at low prices.

Suppose you are looking for an assembly service for grills or any outdoor cooking equipment beyond what they offer on Walmart’s website.

In that case, you must contact the grill manufacturer because there is no free assembly service available through Walmart.

Are Weber Grills Challenging To Assemble?

Assembling a grill can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Luckily, I have compiled some tips that will make the process easier.

First, you need to read up on what they include in the box.

Some grills come with only the main grill body, while others have extra items, such as wheels and trays, usually sold apart if not included.

If your grill comes with all these things included, it will be easier for you to assemble because there will be fewer parts to worry about.

If you receive a grill where some of these items are missing or broken, do not despair! You can likely buy the accessories you may miss at the same place you bought your grill.

If this is not possible, try contacting the manufacturer instead. For example, Weber has an online store where users can buy spare parts.

This is an excellent convenience for those who need to replace items such as the propane hose.

Now that you know what will be in your kit, unpack everything and make sure all parts are well accounted for before proceeding further.

This will ensure that you do not have to stop mid-way through assembly because you have realized a piece is missing.

If there is anything damaged, don’t worry. You can usually buy spare parts from either the seller or manufacturer of the grill directly.

These stores may even send out replacement parts free if it is within their policy, so always check first.

If this doesn’t work, try contacting the grill maker instead of going back to where you bought the grill from.

For example, Weber has an online store where users can buy spare parts. This is an excellent convenience for those who need to replace items such as the propane hose.

The next step is assembling the key components of your grill. When following instructions, you should be able to put these together without too much trouble.

If included in your kit, these include your grill’s stand and base and usually contain other essential parts, such as wheels and handlebars.

The official instructions that come with your grill should list all steps required for this stage. If you follow them strictly, you should not encounter any problems here!

However, sometimes it may still be necessary to contact support directly, especially if you need extra items to complete your grill (such as the propane hose).

Finally, it is time to assemble the cooking grate and all other parts of the grill.

This step may include some more involved techniques, such as attaching burners to the base, which you can usually find instructions for if you need them by searching online.

Overall, this should not be too difficult now that you have already assembled the stand and essential components, so pay careful attention to everything you must do here.

The chances are good that you will not encounter any problems. However, contact support if necessary.

They will provide detailed instructions on what you need to do where others may not. For example, Weber has a store where users can buy spare parts.

This is an excellent convenience for those who need to replace items such as the propane hose.

Generally, assembling a grill isn’t as difficult as it first appears if you take your time and follow instructions.

It’s helpful to focus on one section of the assembly at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the components and instructions available.


If you’re a grill lover, then I have some excellent news for you. You can now buy grills from Walmart’s website, and they will assemble them for free.

That means that they do all the hard work before your new BBQ arrives on your doorstep, so all you need to do is set it up and start cooking.


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