How to Choose the Right Kitchen Taps -Important Tips

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Taps -Important Tips

There are many designs for kitchen taps. Deciding on one can be an overwhelming experience since they are so many choices to pick from.

Nevertheless, before settling on one type of tap, you should critically consider if the tap will match your kitchen décor.

Always put in mind whether your kitchen has a traditional look or is of a more contemporary design.

When settling on the design of the kitchen tap you want, you should not only consider the shape for its style but also its functionality . Movable and flexible kitchen taps with chrome and black finishing are more ideal for cleaning large pans, trays, and pots.

For example, vintage taps will fit perfectly in farmhouse kitchens or countryside homes, whereas new kitchen taps will be ideal for kitchens with modern designs.

Modern kitchen taps are incorporated with features that are meant to make them easier to operate, thereby aligning themselves with the lives of those who work on a busy schedule.

Time, therefore, is saved. One of the taps with increasing popularity is the kitchen spray tap; its handy pull-out spray makes it relatively easy to rinse pans and pots before putting them into the dishwasher.

This feature also plays a significant role in making fruit and vegetable cleaning easy. Kitchen taps with the ability to produce hot water whenever needed are also available.

Those who have trust issues with their water sources, well, worry no more; some taps perform impurities filtration for a safer glass of water.

If you want to access your sink without hindrance easily, then the kitchen taps, which have swivel spouts, are the way to go.

You can quickly move them out of the way to access your sink. Some taps will provide you with hot boiling water whenever you want to have some coffee.

Kitchen taps come in different varieties and finishes that blend with your kitchen décor.

However, those with chrome finishing are the most popular ones, followed by a matt black finish, an ideal choice for interior designers and homeowners.

You should not worry much about whether you can find the type of tap you like in the market. Whether you searching for a specific type of modern or conventional type of tap, you will find it.

Understand Your Water Pressure;

Once you understand your kitchen’s water pressure, you can settle on designing a kitchen tap that is ideal for you.

If you have a glance at a kitchen tap and decide to purchase it without considering if it can handle your kitchen water pressure.

You may be disappointed later on when you realize the tap does not perform as you insinuated.

The type of kitchen tap you will decide to acquire will be determined by your water system’s pressure.

When a kitchen tap that requires a high-pressure water system has been installed in a kitchen with a low-pressure water system.

Then the resulting water flow on the kitchen taps will have a very weak flow.

Low-pressure water system taps should be fixed in low-pressure water systems to ensure the flow is maintained at a steady level.

However, a water system that has high pressure can work with any tap design.

This, therefore, has opened more comprehensive options to choose from if you want to install a kitchen tap and your kitchen water system has high pressure.

Low-pressure systems;  are water systems that depend entirely on gravity—usually supplied with cold water from a tank in the loft and hot water by a separate hot water cylinder placed somewhere else.

If your kitchen is operating on this type of system, then you need to pick a kitchen tap designed for a low-pressure system.

High pressure vented systems; These systems have no storage tanks or cylinders as they depend on your home’s combination boiler.

The mains cold water pressure directly feeds these combi boilers, which then heat the water immediately, then pumped around the house.

If this is the system operating in your home, then you are at liberty to install any kitchen tap.

High-pressure unvented system; In this system, a cold water tank is unavailable, but there is a hot water tank.

Immersion heaters attached to a central heating boiler or side of the tank heat the water stored in the mains system.

This system also allows you to install most types of kitchen taps.

What Are The Main Types Of Kitchen Taps ?

Kitchen taps can be categorized into the following groups;

  • Monobloc taps; these taps have single lever handles or double handles.
  • Pillar taps; often come in pairs and are recommended if you are operating on a budget
  • Deck mixer taps; they have single spouts and two tap-holes.

Monobloc kitchen taps

A monobloc tap has a single lever or double handles. Both water temperature and flow are controlled by a single lever, therefore durable to operate and control.

They are provided in a wide range of choices to fit in any kitchen décor design.

Advantages of monobloc kitchen taps(Amazon Link) include providing one of the top choices to consider.

if you want to have a contemporary feel in your kitchen, they are durable and easy to use, and they are in a wide range of options in designs and styles.

Kitchen sink pillar taps

This type of taps usually come in pairs, one for cold water and the other one for hot water. They are available in many designs and relatively easy to install.

If you are operating on a limited budget, this s the go-to tap design for you.

Some of the merits of acquiring this type of taps are that they are the ideal choice, they come on a wide range of design choices to pick from, and their installation is relatively easy.

Deck mixer kitchen taps

This type of kitchen taps has one spout but operates on two tap holes. They also have a swivel spout, which is moved out of the way quickly to allow you to access your tap.

Decker mixer kitchen taps(Amazon Link) are advantageous in that they are available in both modern and traditional designs.

They are also quite fashionable. Their vintage design options complement your traditional kitchen design.

How Do You Relate Technology And Kitchen Taps ?

Typically, it would be unthinkable to combine kitchen and technology in one statement.

Anyway, in any case, you want hot boiling water on stand-by or just be done with cleaning your utensils in a short span of time, there is always a kitchen tap available to perform such tasks swiftly.

kitchen taps

If you consider adding a little professional taste to your kitchen, then the first kitchen taps to spring to your mind should be the pull-out kitchen tap.

And don’t worry, there is a load of design varieties to pick from. The pull out kitchen tap has a spout present on a flexible hose.

This makes it easy to use for cleaning vegetables, fruits, and salad and also rinsing pans, plates, and place before tossing them into the dishwasher.

Filter taps create an added advantage to the kitchen. With the present, there is no reason for having a filter jug.

The filter is set on the tap’s part, which is usually underneath the sink; therefore, you can pour yourself a glass of clean, pure water whenever you feel like it.

However, you need to realize that the filter will still need changing as you would for a filter jug.

Boiling water taps; If you are operating on a busy schedule, boiling water taps are ideal for you as they normally produce hot water at any demanded instant.

You can use the boiling water from the tap to fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea or use it to fill your pans.

What Are Other Kitchen Taps Details To Consider?

You may find this to be a relatively small detail to consider; however, when you want to acquire a kitchen mixer tap, you should consider the handles.

Their handles are available in crossed-shapes and levers.

Busy kitchens should have taps with lever handles since they make tasks such as turning on the water easy by just using the back of your hand.

Kitchen mixer taps that have a single lever handle are both convenient and fashionable. They are convenient in that you can control temperature and water flow easily.

If you are interested in adding a little vintage touch to your kitchen, you should consider installing the cross-head handled taps.

Another essential component worth considering is the design of the spout. Filling large pots in the kitchen fast and easy washing is better done by kitchen taps with a high spout.

Kitchen mixer taps that have movable swivel spouts are also convenient in their way. Their design enables you to access your sink easily by just moving them aside.

This movable swivel feature also allows you to direct water flow to different parts of the sink.

When on a quest to pick a suitable kitchen tap for your kitchen, you will notice that the available varieties of designs also come with different finishes.

Some of the common stylish finishes used are chrome, nickel, black, white, and brushed steel.

Chrome is preferred by many due to its voguish look and nature; however, matt black finish is also consistently gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners.

For durability options and long-lasting capability, you should consider kitchen taps made of solid brass.

It would be much better you also understood that different kitchen taps use unrelated valves. Once you have this in mind, you can proceed to pick the one that suits your taste.

Pillar taps have brass compression valves, which are made of solid brass and also have water tight seal as well. However, these seals wear off with time.

The result of this difficult-to-control condition is the constant dripping of the tap. Turning the handle on this type of tap controls water flow by a non-rising or rising spindle mechanism.

Nevertheless, there is another option you may consider. The ceramic disc valves are more durable are capable of preventing drips and leaks.

They are also designed to last longer. The commonly used type of valves is the quarter or half turn brass valves with a ceramic disc.

They are relatively easy to operate and are commonly available in deck mixer or monobloc kitchen taps. Did you know that just a half or quarter-turn of their lever sets them on operation?

Adding A Professional Touch To Your Kitchen By Installing A Pull-Out Kitchen Tap.

At some point in life, you may have come across pull-out kitchen taps, especially in hotels and restaurant kitchens.

These taps combine elegant looks with excellent, efficient functionality.

Pull-out kitchen taps make accomplishing difficult cleaning tasks easy due to the available pull-out stout feature.

They are available in a large variety of designs, thereby allowing you to settle for one or more, which suits your desire.

They have recently been noticed to gain popularity among many homeowners and interior designers.

Installing pull-out kitchen taps is a superb way of making your kitchen have that professional touch you crave.

What Are Some Of The Merits Of Installing A Kitchen Spray Tap In Your Kitchen?

Flexible and can be moved; This is advantageous since the pull-out spray extends past the sink, thereby making some chores more comfortable to tackle, such as filling up a mop bucket. 

Use one hand to control water; Most of the time, when cleaning the sink and washing your dishes, there is always multitasking.

However, with a kitchen spray tap, you can take control of your water with one hand as you scrub with the other.

Rinse vegetables and fruits with ease; When you rinse fruits and veggies under standard taps, you usually have to turn them around as you clean, however;, with the kitchen spray tap, all this is done due to its hose-pipe nature.

It makes washing easy; Imagine a scenario where you have to clean a large pan in the sink. This task is quite difficult when you try to do it in the sink under a regular tap.

However, if you have a kitchen spray tap, the task becomes easy to carry out as you have to directly spray to the pan rather than move the large pan around, as you would in normal circumstances with regular taps.

Create Stunning Impressions with Black Kitchen Taps

Any contemporary kitchen with black taps installed is likely to stand out among many other kitchens.

The black taps are gaining popularity among interior designers and homeowners who are focusing on adding a designer touch to their kitchens.

Chrome finish can be alternatively replaced by a matt black finish. Other reasons why you should consider installing a black kitchen tap in your kitchen are:

Unexpected; Most kitchen apparatus have white, steel, or chrome finishes.

Although these finishes are ideal for most kitchens, sometimes it feels good to make your kitchen feel beautifully different from the others.

Installing a black kitchen tap is just one of the perfect ways to achieve this, and of course, a little surprise too.

Black is always stunning; A kitchen tap finished with black color will last longer as decoration and fashion trends change.

The black finish will forever look elegant and add contemporary fashion to your kitchen.

Whether your kitchen theme décor is of different color and design, the black finish will fit in and create a spectacular look in your kitchen.

How Can I Save Energy And Water With My Kitchen Tap?

To save water, you should always be aware of how water flows in your kitchen. Take care of your taps by proper maintenance, such as fixing leaking points as soon as you notice them.

It would be best to refrain from leaving your kitchen taps on whenever you are not using them.

Other ways you can also employ to keep your water and energy in check are as follows;

  • Always ensure your seals are in proper condition to avoid any dripping and leaks. Leaks are typically ignored but can lead to severe wastage of water.
  • You can save energy by reducing the frequency of water temperature usage.
  • You can also replace your traditional taps with the newly enhanced kitchen taps designed with the latest technology.
  • These installed modern technology systems also help you in tracking water usage.
  • Some kitchen taps have technological features that only activate them when they detect hand movement. Kitchen taps such as those can significantly minimize water wastage.

What Are Some Features I Should Consider Before Purchasing A Kitchen Tap?

In most cases, the tap is not always given much attention when finishing the kitchen set up.

On the contrary to many beliefs, taps and their designs can improve the outlook of your entire kitchen when installed appropriately.

Some features you would want to consider when acquiring a tap to fit in your kitchen are;

The finish; Taps with an appealing finish such as those with chrome finish have a way of tuning up things in your kitchen.

An elegant tap finish makes your kitchen get a classy and fashionable look.

The shape; When settling on the design of the kitchen tap you want, you should not only consider the shape for its style but also its functionality purpose.

Movable and flexible kitchen taps are more ideal for cleaning large pans, trays, and pots.

Mounting; If you are operating on a budget, then mounting your kitchen tap on the sink is the cheapest and best choice to go for.

However, you may also choose to mount your kitchen tap on the wall to have more space on the sink beneath the tap.

Also, you should be aware that mounting the kitchen tap on the wall will involve more processes.


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