How To Use Immersion Blender For Soup Without Splashing

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How To Use Immersion Blender For Soup Without Splashing

Nothing goes well like a hot soup on a chilly day. We all want to keep warm on such days, and coffee is not texting only hot drink that can call us.

If you are stuck on making the best soup at home, you can  use immersion blender, and make all types of soup that you want.

Soup has become one of the favorite options for most people who knows how to make it.

The blenders work in a fast and unique way for you to get your work done and get back to your normal routines.

The performance of the blender’s motor, its capability, Depth of the bowl, the holding angle,size of the container,the blending speed ,number of attachments and the material will affect the overall output.

Here is how to use your immersion blender to make soup. We also outline the safety tips that you should consider when using them in our detailed guide.

What is an immersion blender?

Immersion blenders are versatile kitchen appliances that you can use in different ways. The blenders have a sharp blade that spins at the bottom of a handle that is long.

The blade of this type of blender is unique in protecting any splatters due to its bottom that is wide-mouthed to protect it.

This type of blender is usually small in size, making it ideal for blending the chunky soup.

You should always ensure that the chinks you use for your soup are small and not too large as they may cause inefficiency when it comes to using the blenders .They should also not be too hard.

This appliance remains one of the widely used ones in the kitchen for soup making as it’s simple to use, inexpensive and exceptional when it comes to storing soup and other drinks that you blend.

How An Immersion Blender Works

If you want to make soup with an immersion blender, lower it down into the latter. Squeeze the trigger of the blender gently and hold it to achieve the consistency that is desired.

To ensure that the trigger gets hold of everything in the bowl, keep moving it often.

You should observe high levels of caution when moving the trigger to avoid removing it outside as this could cause splatter, which is dangerous in case the soup you are making is on the stove.

Immersion blenders(Amazon Link) are some of the few kitchen appliances that are simple to clean.

The metallic part of the blender is easily detachable, and thus you can toss it into the dishwasher if you have enough time; you can choose to clean it on the sink manually.

As long as you use your immersion blender correctly, you can be sure to always enjoy an easy time in the kitchen as it’s the only kitchen appliance that works, and it’s easy to handle and clean.

Safety Tips When Using An Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders seem to be the most intuitive kitchen appliances to use.

As much as they bring a lot of simplicity and versatility in the kitchen, it’s important to take some precautions when using them as this helps one avoid accidents and enjoy the safety in their homes.

Immersion Blender

The following tips are bound to allow you to use your blender correctly for your safety.

Read Instructions From Your Manufacturer

After purchasing your immersion blender, be sure to read the safety rules that the manufacturer provides in the user manual.

There are many safety tips that you can acquire from the booklet, some of which you may be unaware of.

Every blender has its way of usage, and you should never assume that you know the features and ways you should use them.

This helps you to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Avoid Immersing Electrical Parts In Water

Water is dangerous when it comes in contact with electronics. Your blender entails a motor and other electric features.

You should always ensure that the motor and other parts of the blender are at least one inch away from water or any other liquid you are using.

This allows it to function efficiently, and it prevents it from getting damaged hence reducing the cost of maintenance.

Unplug it

It’s always important to make sure that you unplug your blender after use to avoid electric shock.

It’s not advisable to clean your immersion blender when plugged in the socket as this is very dangerous to you and the blender.

Ensure the wires of the electricity socket match perfectly with the immersion blender wire to avoid sparks that can damage your blender.

Ensure you clean your blender and place it in a safe place. Never switch to the socket of your blender without blending fruits or vegetables.

It’s good to read the immersion blender’s precautions that you buy before you put it on use.

Clean it

After every use of immersion blender, it’s essential to clean the motor with mild detergent, hot water, then rinse it with cold water.

Make sure you get rid of every part of the immersion blender if it’s removable and clean with stainless steel to ensure that every food is removed thoroughly.

There are some blenders like warring blenders, which need to be cleaned before and after use, and you should clean and sanitize the whole motor.

By being hygienic, you get the best out of your immersion blender.


Some cookware uses non-stick coating, and that is why you should be very careful not to damage it when cleaning it unless your cookware is compatible with non-stick surfaces.

For convenience, you can choose to use blenders with durable metal, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Things To Consider When Buying An Immersion Blender

Immersion blender is one of the simple kitchen gadgets that you can purchase to compliment your kitchen. It’s reliable due to its lightweight and ease of use.

Cleaning an immersion blender is also not a hugely daunting task.

When buying these hand devices, it’s crucial to note several things. Not all immersion blenders work the same, and each offers a different level of convenience.

This fact will be your guide before you buy an immersion blender.


This is an important factor to know before buying an immersion blender. You should be able to do many things with your device, and it should not only serve one purpose.

There are vast recipes that you can enjoy making with your immersion blender.

including making baby food, whipping creams, making creamy soup, and blending hot coffee and other drinks; you should be able to enjoy a lot of versatility with your immersion blender.

Your blender should be a multipurpose one, and you should handle vats tasks with it.


It’s always good to check the immersion blender’s weight before buying to avoid doing tiresome work.

But it’s also good to buy a heavyweight blender because of its good service and durability.

A heavy immersion blender means that it has a metal motor that lasts longer. Buying a heavyweight immersion blender has advantages and disadvantages.

It’s crucial to research well before buying it so that you can learn the differences when purchasing heavyweight or low weight blenders.

It would help if you bought your blender according to the work that you intend to use it for.

Maximum running time

You should note that all immersion blenders have a maximum running time set to them by the manufacturer.

Some are set to run from a maximum of 1 minute, and others may run for 10 seconds before they go off.

After the time runs out, the blender is likely to stop running to cool off.

Since the devices are set for lightweight jobs, they cannot run for a long time, and before buying the appliances, you should strive to know how long they can run before the cooling time.

The longer the maximum running time of the immersion blender you choose to buy, the better.


Most immersion blenders have a removable shaft, and it usually measures about eight to ten inches.

This shaft is essential in making the cleaning process essential as you can separate it from the head and body and clean every part of the blender separately.

When buying an immersion blender, you should check one which has attachment parts that are removable as this enables you to place them in the dishwasher and quickly clean them.

Besides, a blender with these features ensures that you clean your immersion blender even in the sink thoroughly whenever you have enough time.

The design

Sometimes it’s good to choose an immersion blender that matches your kitchen appliance’s color.

Before buying a blender, you should check how comfortable it is when on use.

Many blenders are made with modern designs where you can clean everything without rearranging it.

Before buying the items, you should check if it’s easy to set up, and if it has any complications.

They are many types of immersion blender in the market, so it’s upon you to select the best design which caters for your needs perfectly.


Before buying your immersion blender, it’s advisable to check what is attached to it because some blenders come with some parts separately.

Sometimes motors and socket extensions can be separate from the main blender.

It’s important to choose if you want the blender which comes with its parts separately, or you choose a blender that comes attached as one.

Before buying blenders, make sure all the parts are attached, and they do all their work perfectly.


This factor matters when it comes to purchasing an immersion blender. Blenders are made of different materials.

Steel is used many times by manufacturers on the blenders though others design their blenders with bodies that are made of plastic.

Many commercial blenders are made of metal blades for durability.

All these types of materials are made to last and serve different purposes.

Preferences may guide a buyer on the exact type of immersion blender that they should buy, but durability is usually an important aspect that one should consider.

Immersion blenders with a metallic blade and finish tend to last longer, and you should be keen as a buyer to select a blender that meets your needs.

Immersion blenders that have a steel make are usually easy to clean and maintain as one only needs to wipe them and sometimes toss them in the dishwasher to get the work done.

Steel blenders are also useful as the material is not prone to rusting and melting. It lasts for a long time.

Always choose a blender that is durable to avoid spending extra money, replacing it.


Price is the first thing that many people think about when they plan to buy an immersion blender. There are several blenders, and they come at varying prices.

You need not to worry about the prices of these items, as many types are affordable.

The exact type you want to buy varies based on the performance of the blender’s motor, its capability, performance, attachments, and material that the manufacturer uses to design it.

Even when you are budgeting, you can always be sure to find a blender that suits your needs.

It’s essential to know that some tunes of blenders with commercial level capabilities may come at an overly high price due to their quality and performance.

Your specific needs and budget determine the type of immersion blender that you should buy.

Speed settings

Normal immersion blenders come with only one-speed setting, and you achieve it by pressing and holding the button.

There are other advanced types of blenders that come in vast speed settings. Such sophisticated models have at least two-speed options, including variable and turbo speed settings.

Benefits Of Using An Immersion Blender

Many people would agree that immersion blenders are fantastic appliances to use in the kitchen. They have a variety of features that make them reliable.

Their versatility allows the user to use them in vast ways and explore the unique features.

In case you want to purchase an immersion blender, feel free to buy it as it brings you a chance to save time in the kitchen while still enjoying great meals.

Below are the vast benefits of using an immersion blender.

Easy to use

Immersion blenders are usually easy to use and set up quickly.

Whenever you want to whip your breakfast or make soup with then, you can do so quickly by getting your appliance from the cupboard and plug it in and then get it working in seconds.

The devices do not limit you as you can use them in making almost anything that you want.

It can either be a hot drink or a cold one and sometimes smoothies depending on the exact thing you prefer.


Immersion blenders remain highly reliable kitchen appliances as they allow you to explore your process in the kitchen.

You can blend almost everything with them, and if you like, you can mash your potatoes with these appliances. This type of blender is excellent to use in making delicious soups.


Immersion blenders are extraordinary appliances as they do not use a lot of power, which prevents your power bills from hiking.

A considerable number of them have motors that use about 200watts, a feature that profoundly contributes to saving power and enabling the device to work perfectly.

Easy to clean

Immersion blenders are some of the few kitchen appliances that do not bring complications to cleaning them. They do not require a lot of labor.

The good thing is that you can detach the device’s attachments and either clean them in the dishwasher or rinse them off in the sink with hot water.

 Small and portable

Not all kitchens have a big space. Immersion blenders can fit in every kitchen with limited or without limited space.

For this reason, many individuals like this type of blender.

When in use, it does not need to connect many wires to the socket, and it can occupy a little space and does not require a lot of space for its storage.

There are many types of blenders with different designs. 

Silent operation

This is the best machine which you can use without anyone noticing. It does not make any noise while  in action, unlike the bulky blenders.

Immersion blenders have a silent motor and a durable motor, which plays its role silently and perfectly. The blender does not need to use a lot of energy to make it work.

It gives you a very productive environment with no pressure. This is a perfect machine to have in every kitchen.

Uses of Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders have many uses, and their versatility allows you to test your prowess in the kitchen. You can be sure to explore different foods that you may want to eat.

Immersion Blender

Here are some ways that you can use your immersion blender.

Fresh smoothies

If you enjoy taking fresh fruit smoothies, then an immersion blender should be your favorite appliance in the kitchen.

It’s a great device to use in blending different types of fruits for you to enjoy sharing it with your family.

With its versatility, you can always try out new things and blend as many types of fruits as possible.

Chocolate milk

This is also one of the favorite breakfast drink that some people tend to enjoy. It’s easy to prepare with an immersion blender.

You can place your milk in the blender and add syrup to mix everything using your kitchen appliance.

Baby food

In case you spend most of your time in the kitchen making baby food, you can try out an immersion blender. It saves you time and money.

With it, you only need to toss all the ingredients of your baby inside and blend them into the perfect texture that you prefer.

Immersion blenders allow you to achieve consistency, and you get to avoid feeding your baby in the wee hours.

Besides, you get a chance to prepare your baby’s food in large amounts and store it in the freezer for you to use later.

Whipped cream

This type of dessert remains to be a favorite one for some people. You can on your immersion blender to prepare whipped cream in seconds.


Immersion blender is good for turning raw things into a soup. At times, it is important to add some water while blending your product to give you fine and smooth soup.

It is also used to blend roast garlic and sliced onion with veggies to give the finest soup.

Tomato Sauce

An immersion blender is always vital in breaking tomatoes into a smooth and thick sauce. You can use the sauce with different types of food that you prepare.

Immersion blenders are reliable kitchen appliances to have in the kitchen. They save on time and cost. They are the best in bringing you versatility.

The devices are easy to use and maintain. Cleaning these appliances is an easy take, and you do not have to struggle as you can toss them in your dishwasher.

They are easy to set up and use. Immersion blenders vary in terms of their price, material, the cleaning method, and ways to use them.

They are versatile, and you can use them to make chocolate milk, fruit smoothies for dessert, soup, among many other types of meals.

This device requires you to be cautious about how you handle them.

To minimize splatter, you should avoid lifting the trigger abruptly when it is running, unplug them when you are not using them and clean them according to the guidelines indicated in the user manual.


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