Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working? – How to Fix Them All

Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working

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Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working? – How to Fix Them All

If you are a coffee lover, you may have come across the Keurig coffee maker. You can rely on this device to make your coffee whenever you want to enjoy a hot drink.

This type of coffee maker brews delicious coffee that you can always enjoy drinking with your loved ones. It is manufactured to make one cup of coffee.

It brews fresh tasting and delicious coffee that can warm up your mornings.

The coffee maker is believed that be one of the profoundly efficient ones that have been used by vast people across the United States and other parts of the globe.

You can rely on it due to its small pods that facilitate the entire process of coffee making. This type of coffee maker is crafted with high standards, and they target efficiency and reliability.

The way they are engineered allows people to complete the task and save time quickly.

How the Keurig Coffee Maker Works

Keurig coffee makers come in different models and features, but a considerable number of their components are similar.

The coffee makers are designed to stand hot temperatures and high pressure so that they can deliver highly delicious coffee that you can enjoy every single day.

Every type of Keurig coffee maker has a reservoir that is specifically made to hold a considerable amount of water so that the user does not have to keep refilling it, and thus the process of making the coffee gets easy.

Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working

With that feature, you can leave your coffee brewing, and you do not have to monitor it regularly.

How it works

  • You should press the brew sized button of the device to pump water to the heating chambers through the pressurized hoses.
  • In these chambers, the water is usually heated at the right temperatures required for you to enjoy a good tasting coffee in the comfort of your home.
  • When the water reaches the optimal brewing temperature of the coffee, it passes through a hose to a different hose that is at the top of the brewer.
  • In this section, there is an open space that can be opened which houses K cups
  • When you put the K cup in the right position, the piece that opens gets depressed and shuts down
  • When you complete this process, there are small pins that keep piercing the K- cups for water to pass through it and distribute coffee that is freshly brewed.
  • There is usually a small pin that creates a small hole in the lid that is made of foil, allowing water to flow in the K cup.
  • Another pin pierces the layer made of plastic at the bottom to enable freshly brewed coffee to flow into your mug.

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

The Keurig coffee maker is manufactured in a sturdy way for it to last for many years. You may end up using it for quite some time before you think of replacing it.

Cleaning your Keurig coffee maker is one of the tasks that you cannot avoid at home. Since these coffee makers are manufactured to be used frequently, they are designed in a way that they can easily be maintained.

These coffee makers have a small type of light designed to switch on and give a signal in the message center when the device needs to be descaled.

The level at which water is hard in your area determines the number of times that you need to descale your device.

People that own these devices and they live in places that have hard water may need to descale their Keurig coffee makers more often.

The cleaning process

Step 1

Unplug your coffee maker

Step 2

Disassemble the lid, reservoir, K cup holder, and mug tray

Step 4

Using water that is warm and soapy, clean the K cup and tray

Step 5

You should remove the water filter from the reservoir and lid and, using a damp soapy cloth, wipe them both surfaces

Step 6

Rinse the lid and reservoir with clean water and leave them to air drive. You should be cautious not to dry them using a cloth as it is likely to leave lint in them

Step 7

Using a wet sponge, wipe out the outer surface of the coffee maker

Step 8

Place back all the removable parts of the coffee maker and plug it in

Common Problems with Keurig Coffee Maker

Too Much Scale Built-Up Blocking Internal Pipes

Many Keurig coffee makers have a problem with pipe blockage. The pipes block because of the quality of water used in making coffee.

Most of the time, this problem occurs when using hard water. The minerals from such water fill-up the tubes and ends p blocking them. As a result, water cannot penetrate through them.

Additionally, if water lacks minerals, your machine will not work entirely and also brings some overly –acidic and unbalanced cups of coffee.

In case you want your device’s functionality to be excellent,  it is advisable to use soft water or ultra-pure water.

Water lines have air bubbles

Always ensure the water you use in the Keurig coffee maker has no air bubbles.

If you find bubbles in it, you should fill water in the water reservoir and turn off the Keurig, pull to unplug, then shake the Keurig with a quick gentle shake.

This is the best method for it to work, but you can also look for a straw to blow off the bubbles.

Mis-Positioning Of Machine Part inside the Unit

If you don’t know where to place the parts of your coffee maker, never try to rearrange its parts because it can cause huge problems.

Some machines have experts that can repair them, and you should never try repairing them on your own.

If you don’t know about assembling coffee makers, you should read the recommendations. When the Keurig machine is damaged, it is never repaired.

Be keen when using these devices to give you an easy and comfortable experience when making coffee. Always ensure all parts of the machine are in order.

Insufficient warm uptime

The Keurig machine needs much time to brew up everything. If you are in a hurry and you can’t allow your machine to supply heat properly, this may cause it to block abruptly and never to function again.

This is one of the dangerous actions in the Keurig coffee maker.

Keuring won’t turn on

Sometimes your machine may not respond to its functions, probably because you forgot to plug in the unit or your power cable is not attached correctly to your machine.

Always ensure that the water reservoir is seated properly at its place; otherwise, without that, your Keurig coffee maker won’t work.

Keuring Reservoir Keeps Shutting Off By Itself

Keuring coffee maker cannot keep shutting randomly without big reasons. There are reasons why your machine could be shutting off:

  • Your magnet in the water reservoir is out of place: this can happen if you had removed it and placed it incorrectly. It is better when fixing it you use your hand to realign the magnet.
  • Auto-off timer is set: In today’s market, you may find a machine that is set in that design of shutting up randomly according to its latest technology.
  • But if you don’t want this technology, you can adjust the timer to no longer be set to auto shutting off.

Keuring leaks water

If keuring leaks water while heating knows a big problem, this might happen due to clogged needles.

Always make sure that you put fine and clean water in your machine to avoid some sharp objects which might put holes in the bottom water surface.

When it comes to cleaning it, try using clean and smooth cotton. When there is water leakage in your machine, and you are using electricity, it can burn the whole room or house.

Keuring touchscreen not turning on

In this modern technology, there are Keurig coffee makers that operate using the touchscreen.

When using the Keurig touchscreen, you can experience problems like the screen not responding or the screen is going blank.

If you experience this problem, you should unplug the brewer and plug it back in again.

Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working

What is descaling?

As much as water is vital in making tasty coffee, it is usually a menace to every coffee machine. Water that is filtered never pose any danger to your coffee making device.

Unfiltered water causes major harm to your Keurig coffee maker descale not working  because it contains vast minerals bound to damage a coffee maker as the magnesium and calcium accumulate in its heating system.

For this reason, descaling gets important.

Descaling entails the cleaning of metals by removing any traces of oxide that may have accumulated in the heating elements of a coffee maker.

The limescale that is chalky, hard, and white is harmful when it coats on the makeup of your coffee machine as it can lead to its failure.

How to Descale a Keuring

If you’re craving creamy hot cocoa or an old functioned cup of Joe, the Keurig can satisfy your caffeine record in time.

You should observe all the rules in descaling your Keurig so that it cannot strike when it is operating.

Sometimes your Keurig might be overheating for some reasons, so it is good to check and follow all the precautions.

Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working

Always get the knowledge of how to use and descale your Keurig and avoid guesswork. These are some of the steps you should follow to descale your Keurig.

Step 1

Some Keurig coffee makers have the auto-off capacity enabled or disabled level. In this case, you should put the power off and unplug the brewer before descaling.

Sometimes your brewer may be very cool to touch, so you should remove any detachable parts like drip tray, lid, Keurig water reservoir, water filter, and also brewing pod holder.

It is also important to empty any of the residual water and pour it into the sink.

All the used brewing pods and their grounds should be discarded and put into the trash, then wash the exterior and interior parts of your water reservoir and all the damp parts of it.

Step 2

If you want to loosen up your limescale from the brewer, then you can fill your water reservoir with the descaling solution then close it with the reservoir lid.

When using a descaling solution, always pour equal part descaling solution and mix with water into the water reservoir to fill it.

Step 3

To work plugin and put power on the brewer, then bring a container under the drip tray. Don’t insert the Keurig beverage pod but lift and lower the brewage handle.

 Use a large brew, then press the brew button to start the process of cleaning the brew.

Use the reservoir filled with a descaling agent and when you are through with your cleaning process, remove your mug and discard the hot water in your sink.

You can keep on repeating this process until the appliance prompts you to refill the water reservoir.

After you are through this process, you can put the power off the brewer and wait approximately 30 minutes before you remove and discard the mug and the water reservoir.

Step 4

Reinstall the water reservoir in the brewer and never exceed the maximum fill line. Always limit the water needed. Make sure your water is clean and fill the water reservoir.

Make sure your power is on the brewer and push it to your large mug then.

After some minutes, please return it to the drip tray as it is in step 3, then start cleaning using large brew size to rinse away and also remove out any residual build-up or vinegar odor from inside the Keurig.

You can repeat the cleaning rinsing cycle about three times or five times, but for heavily scaled brewers, refill and depleted the water reservoir with fresh water as this water is needed to complete the brewer.

Making it always more is better. Note that you will not want the descaling solution to taint your cup of coffee.

It is important to follow the steps keenly to give the best of the best coffee.

Step 5

After you have followed the other four steps keenly, you should now rinse the brewer with clean water and after that, but the power off, then discard the residual water from the water reservoir.

When you can rinse the reservoir with filtered water, then dry it with the air before reinstalling it in the brewer.

If you keep on cleaning your Keurig daily or now and then, it will make you enjoy your favorite hot drinks and taste the way they are supposed to taste. Hygienic is always important in every drink.

Descaling Keurig coffee maker?

If you are used to wiping the exterior surface of your coffee maker every day, you may tend to think that it is clean due to its shiny sleepy look.

The device is special to everyone that loves coffee, but it can also be the reason for one disliking the hot drink if a user fails to descale it.

What Happens If I Don’t Descale?

Descaling is a vital process that you should perform on your Keurig coffee maker to avoid loss.

There are a few undesirable effects that you can experience if you fail to clean your coffee maker, as explained below.

  • Your coffee may start to taste bitter: the limescale layers that accumulate in your device hinder the water from getting heated, and this prevents it from reaching the optimal brewing temperature.
  • Due to this, it gets impossible for the water to extract the flavor of your coffee beans, and thus you cannot have the real flavor from your coffee. Your coffee will also not be hot enough for you to enjoy taking it.
  • High electricity consumption: when there is an interruption on the heating capacity of your coffee maker, the device ends up overworking, and this means that it consumes more energy.
  • As a result, your electricity bills may shoot higher.
  • Issues of flavor abstraction, clogging, and heating problems can cause a sudden failure in your coffee maker and force you to spend even more replacing it.

Ways You Could Be Using Your Coffee Machine Wrongly

It takes a lot to brew a perfect coffee.

There are many things that affect the quality of the coffee that you make, starting with the beans that you use to brew it, the way that you brew the coffee, and the machine that you use to brew it.

Here are things that you could be doing wrong when brewing your coffee.

You use the auto brew function

This feature is essential when it comes to creating convenience in the way that you brew coffee. It allows you to place your coffee beans on the coffee maker and leave it to brew for 24 hours.

With this feature, you can be sure to enjoy your ready coffee in the morning.

Though this programmed function is maybe handy, it makes your coffee lose its flavor in minutes when it sits on the warming plate as it loses its aroma.

You store your coffee in the wrong way

This is a crucial thing that everyone should know. Many people find themselves storing their coffee in transparent jars, and others keep it on kitchen shelves.

Such storage places are not favorable to your coffee beans. Light interferes with the temperature of your coffee beans, making them lose their flavor.

Ensure that you store your coffee in a cool, dry, and dark place.

You are not using clean water

If the type of coffee that your Keurig coffee maker Breed is mediocre, there is a chance that the type of water that you are using is the problem.

The hardness of your water is usually measured by the amount of carbonates present in it.

When the carbonates are too high, your coffee is likely to be acidic, and when it is too low, the coffee may be flat and sour. Distilled or filtered water is always the best when brewing coffee.

You use old coffee beans

  Those coffee beans you keep in store for years are very dangerous when placed in coffee machines.

When you store your coffee beans for a long time, the outer part and the inner part of the seed become very hard, so when you start brewing, they accumulate in the latter and then block the pipes, and no process continues after that.

It is important to buy your beans that can be used at that specific time to avoid damaging your machine and blocking the pipes.

Keurig Coffee Maker Descale Not Working

Try also to buy the coffee beans directly from the farm to avoid being sold old beans.

You are not grinding your coffee properly

  The coffee that has not been ground properly cannot give you the best fine aroma and flavor. It is not necessary to adjust the size of the grinder.

Make sure you grind your beans uniformly and adequately. When your beans’ product is in uniform nature, water flows evenly through your beans coffee for better maximum flavor extraction.

Make sure your coffee has dried properly so that grinding can be easy.

Keurig coffee makers are some of the widely used devices around the globe. They make the process of preparing coffee simple.

The devices are easy to maintain, clean, and operate. The cleaning process entails descaling it often to make sure that it lasts for a long time.

When using this device, it is crucial to use clean water distilled to prevent an oxide coating that can make it fail.

During the cleaning process, disassemble  all parts is vital to ensure that you thoroughly clean all the parts.

In case you experience problems with your Keurig coffee maker, it could be issues related to its touch screen not turning on, water leakages, reservoir shutting down by itself, and its light failing to turn on.

You can troubleshoot some of these problems at home, but in some cases, you may need help from a professional.


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