Should My Samsung Fridge Be Level?(Guide)

Should My Samsung Fridge Be Level?

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Should My Samsung Fridge Be Level?

Samsung fridge has an LED lighting system with many features such as customizable settings and rapid cooling.

Yes! Your Samsung fridge should boast leveling from front to back because the refrigerator is designed to be leveled and square to avoid excessive stress on the compressor and other parts. Locking the hinge of your fridge helps keep both doors open more easily.

Here is how you can get the best level of your Samsung fridge:

Remove the Leg cover

Most models hide the front door from view by the leg cover. So to access it, you will need to remove the front door panel, which has a small ledge.

Adjust the left hinge

For most appliances, adjust the left hinge’s vertical position so that when you tilt it up and down and then release it, it will stay at that level as long as you don’t release so much that it pops back up.

You should be able to have the hinge in your hand when you release it, not to pop it up.

Close both doors and check that the fridge is square

Close the right door and then release it. Close the left door, then release it. If they both close evenly, you are ready to install the back panel and be done!

Reinstall the leg cover

Attaching the leg cover is as easy as reversing these steps.

Are Refrigerators Supposed To Tilt Back?

Yes! You can slightly tilt your fridge backward when you clean it, and that’s the normal position for a fridge to be in.

If you have correctly tilted your fridge, your front door should close by itself when you open it at less than 90 degrees (it may take some getting used to).

If you don’t tilt your fridge back, you will put more strain on the motor by forcing it to work harder to overcome the weight of your heavy refrigerator and the extra weight you might have.

Suppose you don’t tilt your fridge backward.

In that case, your motor will be working very hard, and all that extra effort will shorten your motor’s life span and shorten the time frame when you can sell your refrigerator, which is a massive bonus if you’re planning to upgrade soon.

If you have tilted your refrigerator back, it’s important to remember that over time it may start to lean forward again, and you may have to tilt it again.

The reason for your refrigerator tilting backward is to ensure that the extra weight is directly above the motor, so more pressure is applied to the motor shaft to ensure it can withstand higher pressure at a lower temperature.

The air conditioner will be able to work more efficiently if you tilt your refrigerator back. Try not to go over 90 degrees like we mentioned above because it could cause problems in your fridge.

If you have a face-up freezer and face-down fridge, then tilt your fridge back to make the compressor more efficient.

How Do I Shim My Samsung Refrigerator?

First, unplug your fridge and remove any contents that might spill or break. Next, remove the back of your fridge and place it on a flat surface with the handle vertical.

Now take a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the black plastic plate together.

Once you’ve removed the plate, use a disc cutter to cut out a circular piece of cardboard that is slightly larger than your fridge’s door opening.

Holding your cardboard in place with one hand, carefully trace around its edges with an old credit card or razor blade. This will be your shim.

To attach the shim, place it into the door frame and replace the screw plate. The final step is to plug in your fridge and test for even operation.

TIP: A simple way to test for even operation is to close the fridge’s door and jiggle it from side to side. If the door does not operate smoothly, try adjusting your shim.

How Do I Adjust My Fridge Level?-Quick Steps

The refrigerator is an essential appliance in your house and should always be adjusted for even cold air distribution.

  1. Shut off the electricity to your refrigerator by unplugging it or switching it off at a circuit breaker.
  2. Remove any items blocking the airflow, such as bags of ice or milk jugs.
  3. Lower the freezer to its lowest position – this is usually where it will be during regular operation.
  4. Raise the refrigerator to its highest position – this should be approximately 4 feet 6 inches from the floor.
  5. Place a thermometer in each section and leave them for 24 hours.
  6. Adjust each shelf so that both sections have similar temperatures – this will maintain your food’s freshness and taste, around 36-40°F for your refrigerator and 0-5°F for your freezer.

If a thermometer shows that the temperature in one section is too cold, remove all unwrapped food, open the refrigerator doors, and move items around to try and raise the temperature.

If this doesn’t help, you can turn your electricity off while adjusting the refrigeration level.

Why Do Refrigerators Need To Be Upright?

To absorb its chilling job, refrigerators must be upright with open doors. This means that it cannot lie on its back or in any other direction that would obstruct airflow.

If refrigerators are left lying on their backs, all of the liquid inside will run to the front compartments and spill over all your fridge’s contents.

The back compartments can become jammed with food and hard to reach due to the sloping angle of this configuration as well.

Should My Samsung Fridge Be Level?

Also, if the bottom of the refrigerator is dented from being dropped or having weights placed on it, air cannot flow through.

The coils boasting a location in the back of your refrigerator are delicate and can easily be crushed or dented by an improper setup.

When the refrigerator is upright, dust, food crumbs, water droplets, and humidity from the airflow to your freezer will not be able to get inside.

The condensed water that accumulates on the coils can be easily removed, preventing food condensation buildup in your fridge.

The condensed liquid water can be easily removed, preventing food condensation buildup inside your fridge. This design also maximizes the space available in the back of your refrigerator.

By lying on its side, there would be less space because of the angle.

Also, the coils used to cool your food are located at the back of your refrigerator, so if these coils got damaged, your fridge would not work correctly.

Why Are My Refrigerator Doors Uneven?

Refrigerators are usually built with two-door compartments, one on the left and one on the right. In some cases, these doors might open unevenly to the point where you can’t close them. Why does this happen?

Some causes of uneven refrigerator doors can be a faulty hinge system or when objects are placed in front of one of the two doors while they are opened or closed.

This might be a minor obstacle, but it can be easily solved by yourself, and you don’t need professional assistance.

To understand the process of fixing your uneven refrigerator doors:

Clean around the hinge area all the time. Here is a guide to doing this:

  • Remove the refrigerator door(s) and turn it upside down. Check whether the hinges are loose and ensure that the doors are at the same level by using a level if needed.

If you find that one door is higher than the other, you can drill or put a screw in there so that they share equal pressure and balance.

  • Wait a few days before proceeding with this process to see if the doors improved.
  • If not, you can use a wood wedge, a clothes pin, or any handy material that is insertable between the door and the refrigerator.

By doing this, you will make one of the doors on an angle so that when you bring both sides to meet each other, the difference in level will be even.

  • If nothing has worked so far, you can always call a professional to check if the whole unit needs to be replaced or not.
  • If none of the above ideas worked for you, then it might be a good idea to do what many frustrated homeowners have done.

This is an extreme solution, and it involves drilling through the metal frame that holds the hinges and adding additional screws for more support on both doors to make them even.

  • You can always get a reversible door hinge that is adjustable and works with your refrigerator’s metal-type of doors.

Then there will be no difference in level between the two doors because both parts of the hinge will be at the same level.

  • You also have other options like using ice cube trays on both sides, which, according to some people, is a good solution but are not available everywhere and are not 100% safe, so do this at your own risk.

How Do You Fix The Gap Between French Fridge Doors?

This is a pretty easy fix.

What you will need:

2x 3-inch long wood screws attach to the door panel’s top and bottom.

How to fix the gap by removing rubber weatherstrips:

The rubber weatherstrips between the doors are held together with a tab on each side.

Remove them with a screwdriver, and you’ll see what I mean; when they’re gone, you’ll have much more space between the door panels.

  1. First, remove the weatherstripping tabs. This is very easy to do with a soldering iron or a pair of pliers.
  2. After removing the first tab, you can also remove a second one on the other side of the door. This second tab is much easier to get to with a soldering iron.
  3. Because you will be re-sealing these little tabs after replacing the weatherstripping, take your time and apply a little glue on both sides so they don’t fall off again.
  4. Now you can put the new weatherstrips in place. To make this easy, apply a little glue to each tab’s bottom.
  5. Finally, reattach the door panel with 3-inch screws. You will need two screws for each door panel, one on top and one on the bottom.

How Do You Fix Drafty Refrigerator French Doors?

If your refrigerator door is drafty and cold air is coming through the gaps in between, then you might be asking yourself how to fix drafty refrigerator French doors.

There are likely a few different causes of this problem, meaning the solution will vary. We’ve listed a few common causes and solutions that you can test out to determine if they work.

Door Sealant

You can use seal glue to fill some gaps between the refrigerator and the door. This fixes most of the leaky refrigerator doors.

Replace Freezer Door Gasket

The freezer door gasket often gets worn down from cartons coming in and out of the fridge.

Sometimes, this can lead to many leakages when closing or opening the freezer door. Replacing this is often a quick fix to stop cold air from leaking.

Refrigerator Sealing

Go around the perimeter of your fridge and check to see if the seal is in good shape. If it’s not, this can also lead to drafty doors.

Use weatherstripping (like foam) to keep that air and frozen food cold.

Replace a refrigerator door

If you’ve tried several of the above solutions but still have problems, you will likely need to replace the whole door.

How Do You Fix Misaligned Refrigerators’ French Doors?

If you have a refrigerator French door or two that doesn’t close properly, it’s easy to fix. It’s essential to fix these doors because they can cause leaking and other problems.

If the door is misaligned, use duct tape or a rubber band to hold it in place until you can get someone else to help.

You’ll want to turn your fridge off and disconnect the power cord. The door might need to be removed from its hinges.

The door might be damaged from mold or rust and wear and tear. If so, replace the door with a new one.

Step 1: Remove Door Alignment Screws

Place your new door on a flat surface with the hinge side facing out, then remove the screws that hold it in place by removing each screw with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2: Measure

Once you have the screws removed, measure the door to ensure it’s properly aligned. If it isn’t, you’ll have to adjust it until you find the right position.

Loosen or tighten a screw on each hinge to fit appropriately. Keep measuring the door until it is correctly aligned, allowing it to open and close properly.

Step 3: Tighten Hinges

Once you’ve ensured that your hinges are properly aligned and your door is perfectly closed, you can tighten each hinge until it’s set.

Ensure the door is properly closed and latched by holding the handle and pressing on the rubber gasket or making sure the rubber piece is on either side of the hinge.

You must ensure that these pieces are evenly snug to hold tight when you close and latch the door.

Step 4: Test

After you’ve tightened the hinges and made sure that the door closes properly, you should be able to test that it’s properly closed.

Press firmly against the door and then push it shut. Don’t hold it for a long time, just for a few seconds.

If you hear any squeaking or bending, pull the metal tabs back out and adjust them until they are flush on either side of each hinge.

Now you can reinstall your door and test to ensure it moves correctly.

Step 5: Care for Door Alignment Screws

Removing the screws after the doors are installed is a good idea because they can be hard on the door and ruin.

Should My Samsung Fridge Be Level?

If you don’t remove them, you’ll have to take the door off again later and then tighten them.

Can A Fridge Be Transported Lying Down?-Safety Steps

Many people are often confused about whether a fridge can be transported lying down.

Transporting your fridge in this position is not a good idea because the pressure on the cold air inside may cause it to explode. To prevent this from happening:

  1. Remove all the food from the fridge and ensure no liquid is in any of the pipes.
  2. Put the fridge in its normal upright position, with all the doors open.
  3. Solid blocks, if available, can be used to prevent movement of the fridge when it is transported over a bump or a drop in the height of more than 60cm in height or 55 cm in width.
  4. When transporting the fridge on its side, use a pallet or crate to ensure it is secured with straps.
  5. After the truck transporting your fridge reaches its destination, you should carefully enable the fridge to be righted back onto its feet. You should open all the appliance doors before it is switched on again.
  6. Ensure the appliance doors are securely closed before installing and using it again.
  7. Remember that transporting a fridge lying down can endanger its life in many ways.
  8. Respecting all the suggestions above is essential to help prevent any damage or destruction.


Samsung fridges are good at giving us the best quality food. Over the years, Samsung has developed several fridges for all users.

There are even budget models that are perfect for small households. The secret to these great fridges is how they keep food fresh and cool.


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