What Is The Easiest Kitchen Sink To Keep Clean?

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What Is The Easiest Kitchen Sink To Keep Clean?

You want to buy a kitchen sink, and you are not sure which one is the easiest one to manage when it comes to cleaning?

Well, don’t worry; first-time sink shoppers are often overwhelmed by the numerous sink varieties available to choose from.

However, when it comes to settling for the easiest sink to clean, sinks made from stainless steel are the winner.

They are the easiest, when compared with those made from other materials, to clean.

Stainless steel sinks are the winners, they are resistant to stains due their non-porous state; they hardly hold food debris , resistance to scratches, easy to clean. last longer and are widely used in many households.

Moreover, you may have also noticed that they are extensively used in medical facilities because they are easily sterilized.

Stainless steel sinks are widely used in many households. Their resistance to scratches is also quite amazing.

Due to their durability, stainless steel sinks are likely to last longer than most other types of sinks.

However, due to the various types of stainless steel sinks available in the market, deciding on one to install in your kitchen could be a rather tricky task.

Let’s take a look at some of the top types of stainless steel you may want to consider for your kitchen use.

Which Are Some Of The Best Stainless Steel Sinks?

KRAUS KHU100-32(Amazon Link)

This sink is huge in size, therefore making it ideal for cleaning large utensils. Its design also creates a smooth flow for water drainage, thus less chances of rusting and corrosion, which may result from standing water.

Apart from the size and drainage, this sink has also been made with NoiseDefend sound-proofing capabilities, eliminating noise.

This sink has a satin finish, which makes it easy to clean. As long as you make sure that your sink is daily wiped clean, the surface will maintain its sheen for a very long time.

It’s, however, important to note that this sink stains easily when not taken care or adequately. If not kept clean, it may discolor.

Zuhne Modena Series

If your kitchen is more of a contemporary design and you are looking for a kitchen sink to match it with, then Zuhne Modena(Amazon Link) series is the type of sink you should looking for.

This sink is likely more durable than most other sinks as it contains 25% more steel than other sinks of a similar type.

Therefore, even if a big pot accidentally drops in it, the chances of getting damaged are minimal.

If you are looking for a quiet sink to maintain a quiet kitchen, this sink will also be a great choice to consider as it has top-notch soundproofing ability, which is 2.5 times more effective than other sinks of the same make.

This type of sink is available in 10 different sizes. There is a possibility you can’t miss the size you want from this large collection.

The sink is easy to install, made of damage-resistant material, and has a deep bowl. Scratches and lines are well hidden with its brushed finish.

You should, however, be aware that the sink does not have a faucet hole and also that smooth water drainage is hindered due to its relatively flat bottom.


Looking for a multi-purpose type of kitchen sink and willing to spend a little more? KRAUS KWU112-33 is the best option to go for.

This sink has a gently sloping bottom and an off-set drain, which enhances efficient drainage.

It’s also designed with extra-thick pads that absorb vibrations, thereby minimizing noise produced during cleaning.

The sink also has a large bowl and considerable high durability. However, if inadequately taken care of, the sink is likely to scratch and slightly rust due to irregular cleaning.


If you want an all in one type of sink, the Kraus KCA-1102 stainless steel sink is the type of sink to go for. The sink comes with its essentials, thus no need to purchase them separately.

The sink’s dual-mount design makes it easy to install since you can install it in both under-mount and drop-in options.

Kraus KCA-1102’s(Amazon Link) bevelled edge makes it relatively easy to clean as it aligns well with your counter. This sink has adequate smooth drainage due to its channel grooves and sloped bottom.

The bowl is huge, and you can comfortably wash your large pans, bowls, and lots of dishes.

Its NoiseDefend technology in place significantly eliminates noise to the extent that if you open running water on the sink, only muffled noise will be heard.

This sink is rust-resistant, but when water is left in the sink for a long time, there is a possibility of rusting. The sink may also scratch under inadequate care.

Sarlai 33 Workstation Sink

This workstation sink has contemporary looks and design, therefore a great option to consider if your kitchen has a modern design.

You can slide accessories due to the availability of its integrated ledge. Another amazing feature present is that you have an option of deciding how you want your kitchen counter to look at any given moment.

You can switch your sink to be a chopping board or a standard sink. Well, whenever you are not washing or rinsing anything in the sink, switch to cutting board mode and make use of it as a counter.

This sink has X water guideline and a bottom slope, which enhance sufficient water drainage. The sink, therefore, has minimal chances of rusting.

However, you should know that this sink can scratch when struck by sharp objects, and also, silverware can get trapped by the bottom grid.

Ruvati RVH8300 Workstation

This sink has sleek contemporary looks. One of the most advantageous features this sink has over other sinks is its compatibility with many disposal units.

Its satin finish makes it stylish and easy to clean. The sink s durable and designed to minimize vibrations and noise effectively.

If you are looking for a sink to complement your professional and classic taste, then this is the type of sink to go for.

However, this sink’s drainage is not one of the best and may also scratch due to inadequate maintenance.

Kraus KBU32 Double Bowl Sink

If you are stuck between choosing a double bowl sink and a single bowl sink, this type of sink solves your troubles as it accomplishes both purposes at once.

This sink functions like a double bowl and is spacious as a single bowl due to its smart low divider. Maintenance of this sink is also easier due to its rounded corners.

Noise absorption is maximized by the installed insulated extra-thick pads, ensuring you have a comfortable, quiet experience when doing your cleaning in the sink.

The sink is dent-resistant and perfectly fits with countertops. Under improper maintenance and care, the sink is likely to scratch.

Also, the water drainage system is not better when compared to other sinks of the same make.

Ruvati RVH8005

The Ruvati RVH8005 has top-notch durability due to its 37% more thickness than other similar sinks. With this level of thickness, the occurrence of dents is more unlikely.

The sink also does not easily collect debris and dirt due to its rounded corners design, making it easy to clean.

The sink’s integrated drain grooves make its drainage system efficient since water accumulation is not of concern.

Soundproofing for this sink is done by a sound guard and rubber padding, reducing the noise produced during washing and rinsing to muffled sound.

Also, the sink has a large bowl, which enables you to clean a lot of utensils at ago and also the large pots and pans.

Maintenance and cleaning of the Ruvati RVH8005 sink are easy. You should also note that with overtime use, water stains may eventually appear.

This sink will also most likely scratch if subjected to aggressive use.

Ruvati RVH9233 Farmhouse Sink

Ruvati RVH9233 is a highly durable sink that is manufactured never to stain or rust, thanks to its 16 gauge T-304 Grade Stainless steel used in the production.

Due to the durability of this material, the sink getting damaged is unlikely. Soundproofing for this sink is enhanced by a sound guard and rubber padding.

Water is allowed to drain by the sink’s drain grooves, thereby discouraging any form of water accumulation in the sink.

The sink is obviously dent resistant and has a trendy look as well. However, you should note that the sink’s installation could be a little challenging, and you may need help from a professional to manage the task for you.

If improperly cared for, the sink will likely scratch.

Kraus KBU24 Double Bowl 60/40

The Kraus KBU24 Double Bowl sink has a satin finish, which does not only gives it its elegant look but also enhances the ease to clean.

Perfect fitting with your countertop is encouraged by under-mount installation, thereby making sure the kitchen’s designs are not altered in any way.

NoiseDefend soundproofing is also used in this sink, just as with other Kraus designs, to minimize noise emanated during cleaning and rinsing activities, thus giving a quieter, comfortable cleaning experience.

This sink is rust-resistant, thanks to the satin finish. It is also not easily corroded. The sink is deep and spacious and also easy to install.

The sink is prone to discoloring when regular cleaning is not maintained. If water is allowed to accumulate on the sink over time, just like any other sink, rust spots will develop.

Why Should I Settle For A Stainless-Steel Sink Over Other Types Of Sinks?

Stainless steel sinks are widely used worldwide for kitchen sinks, and medical facility sinks for an ideal reason.

Stainless steel is naturally resistant to stain due to its nonporous nature, thus “stainless.” When proper care is maintained, the polished look will be maintained for a long time.

kitchen sink

Sinks made of stainless steel are also easy to keep clean. When properly used, germs are kept away since food and debris are not prone to sticking on its surface.

They are extensively applied for medical facilities’ use due to this reason.

Since they are readily available in most hard wares, stainless steel kitchen sinks are very pocket friendly and can easily fit your budget.

They are therefore considered more affordable than other available kitchen sink options.

They come in many varying sizes, and you are sure to find the exact one you wish for and find to be appropriate with your kitchen, both in size and design.

For longevity, it is advised you consider choosing a stainless kitchen sink with the right thickness. The right thickness will depend on the roughness of your usage.

Anyway, most households are recommended for 18 gauge or 16 gauge sinks, thickness.

What Are Some Of The Things I Should Consider When Purchasing A Stainless Steel Sink?

When you intend to acquire a stainless steel kitchen sink, you probably want a durable sink that is easy to clean and maintain and probably last longer.

Some of the other things you may want to think about when making your purchase are;

Size; When you want to buy a sink, think about your cabinet’s size. Sinks are meant to sit in the cabinets.

When you acquire the wrong size, that is to say, either a larger or smaller cabinet, you are likely to make a second trip to the store for return or replacement.

Therefore, to avoid all this hassle, always keep in mind the size of your cabinet, thus ensuring a margin of about 3 inches between the sink you choose and the base cabinet.

Shape; There are various shapes for sink designs such as rectangular, square, oval, and even round.

Depending on the planned use for the sink, you should choose one that complements your taste and preference to help you in narrowing down the list.

In most cases, rectangular sinks are often considered the most practical ones to install in home kitchens.

The number of bowls; The stainless steel sinks are mainly available in two variations; the double bowl or single bowl variation.

You should always consider the number of bowls you want for your sink.

Single bowl kitchen sinks are ideal for small kitchens, for example, in small family homes, since only a few utensils are cleaned and rinsed in them, among other essential stuff.

Double bowl sinks, however, are perfect for doing a lot of dishwashing, such as in hotels and restaurants where dishes and large pots are constantly washed.

However, you should always have in mind that if you purchase the wrong size of a double bowl sink, your large pans and pots are unlikely to fit.

kitchen sink

Type of Installation; Sinks are either installed by under-mounting or top-mounting installation methods. Some sinks can also be installed by both methods.

Before buying the sink, you should have in mind what type of installation is needed by checking your cabinet.

If there is a wide range of flexible choice to make, then consider the type of installation which best suits you.

Gauge; The gauge of the sink is the thickness. The standard commonly preferred gauge constructions are 1.2mm(16-gauge) and 1mm(18-gauge).

These are ideal for most kitchen sinks in homes. However, if you believe your sink will always be under heavy use, then you should consider acquiring the 16-gauge sink.

Always note that the steel thickness is inversely proportional to the gauge number.

This means that stainless steel with a low gauge number is thicker than stainless steel with a high gauge number.

What Are Other Options Available Of Kitchen Sinks I May Consider?

Sometimes stainless steel is not your material choice for your kitchen sink. You may probably want to look into other types and designs of the available sinks to match your preference.

Some of the types of kitchen sinks you may want to look into are:

Granite Composite sinks 

When you hear about composite sinks, the idea likely to come into your mind is quartz or granite composite.

Granite composite sink is manufactured by a combination of resin filler and crushed granite; most around 80% granite and about 20% resin.

This blend usually results in an outstanding material that eliminates maintenance issues prone to occur in pure granite sinks.

The granite composite sinks are highly resistant to scratching and stains since they are also non-porous as the sinks are made of stainless steel.

However, granite composite sinks are unlikely to do well with most cleaning agents such as bleach and vinegar.

Overtime use of these cleaning products may lead to eventual etching. Basic or acidic cleaning agents will remove the finish from the sink.

To have all this in control while using granite composite sinks, consider using pH neutral cleaning agents or a cleaning product specifically made for granite surfaces.

Copper Kitchen Sinks 

Copper kitchen sinks often have a fascinating look, thereby likely to complement your kitchen décor.

However, these kitchen sinks are unique in several ways, which homeowners are advised to consider before proceeding with the purchase.

Copper kitchen sinks are also measured in gauges as stainless steel, and also, the thicker they are, the more durable and less noisy.

They have elegant looks as they are made by handy craftsmen. They, however, most of the time, lack efficient drainage.

Copper is antibacterial, therefore, capable of killing bacteria on its surface naturally.

However, if a sealant is applied, the efficiency of this property is significantly reduced. This is a consideration you have to make if you decide to settle for a copper kitchen sink.

Another advantage of copper sinks is that they don’t stain easily and also rust-proof.

Rust resistance may reduce when harsh cleaning agents are constantly used to clean the surface of copper kitchen sinks.

A green/blue patina will develop on your copper sink after some time.

There is no cause of alarm as this is normal, and that is a protective covering layer that develops as substances react on the sink’s surface.

This look may be appealing to some people while others may as well detest it. If this patina does not please you, it’s possible to control it by applying wax to the sink periodically.

If it is appealing to you, then acquiring a farmhouse copper kitchen sink is the ideal choice to make.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

Cast iron kitchen sinks are some of the oldest kitchen sinks but are still widely used today. They are often coated heavily with porcelain and enamel finish to prevent them from rusting.

If the coating is stripped away, then rusting will occur on the exposed part. This can continue if no repairs or replacements are done.

Therefore, if you are interested in fitting an easy to clean kitchen sink in your kitchen, either for home use or commercial use, then the stainless steel kitchen sink is the best choice to settle for.

Apart from being stainless, they are also backed with highly efficient durability, thus lasts longer.


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