Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?(Solutions)

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?

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Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?

An air fryer is a new style of kitchen appliance with several features that makes it easier to cook. It’s designed to take up less space in the kitchen and its cooking time is 30 minutes or less, making it incredibly convenient.

You are powering it with an extension cord, Air fryers don’t have a grounding wire. This is dangerous, and you need to stop immediately or you are using the wrong voltage setting on the unit ,your air fryer has multiple settings ranging from 50 watts to 150 watts, but your unit is set on one wattage setting only.

Other reasons include:

  • It doesn’t have the proper wattage. This can be because of an incorrect voltage selection or an incorrect wattage rating for your extension cord. You need to check both.
  • It doesn’t have sufficient airflow in or around the unit. Check to ensure that nothing is blocking the vents on the back side of your unit. Add more ventilation around and on top if needed. Your unit is pushing too much air.
  • You are using the wrong temperature setting. Make sure you use the cooking setting instead of the baking one for your fryer.
  • If you do not have the right temp setting, your unit will automatically kick on and off. This can lead to frequent power outages and a higher chance of damage to your appliance if you have plugged it into a live outlet while cooking or baking.
  • The cord is loose. Ensure the extension cord is tightly tucked into the back of your unit. If you have an extra-long power cord, try using a shorter one.

What Are the Buttons on The Power XL Air Fryer?

Power buttonWhen you press the power button, the appliance will set itself to a default 188°C and 15 minutes.

When you press the power button again, the cooking process will start. Finally, when you press the button while cooking, the appliance will shut off.
Rotating buttonYou should press this button while using Rotisserie Mode.
Temperature Control buttonsYou can increase or lower the cooking temperature using this button by 2.7°C intervals, which range from 66°C to 200°C.
Time Control buttonsThese buttons enable you to select an exact cooking time from 1 to 90 minutes.
Internal LightThis button helps you check the cooking progress while still operating the appliance.
Cooking PresetsSelecting any preset button sets the time and temperature to the preset’s default value.

Is There a Fuse In An Air Fryer?

Yes! An air flyer fuse is a safety measure for disconnecting the heating element during a malfunction such as a power surge or short circuit.

Many people use an air fryer for cooking food without heat, making this appliance a convenient alternative for those who want to lose weight or avoid fried foods.

However, for safety’s sake, it may be a good idea to use a fuse in your air fryer. You should never operate the appliance without one, and the fuse should be in or near the power switch on the exterior of your appliance.

A fuse is an electrical safety device that you should use if you’re concerned about the safety of your appliance. It has a heating element inside, which heats up and creates a circuit when plugged in.

If the circuit has overloaded, the electric current cannot pass through the circuit, so it will blow out safely. You must replace the fuse once it has blown out to ensure that your appliance will continue functioning correctly.

Sometimes this component will burn out because you tried to draw more power than your air fryer can handle. When this happens, the fuse will start to burn out quickly. To prevent this, use a fuse in your air fryer and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Why Is My Deep Fryer Tripping?

Your deep fryer may trip the power source because of an issue with the control assembly, the timer, or the thermostat. It’s most likely caused by too much heat in the deep fryer and lack of cool air circulation in the heating element.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to fix your problem:

-Remove any food from the deep fryer by turning off the power and unplugging it.

-Please turn off all appliances connected to other outlets around your house and then plug them back into their outlets but not each other. This will reset the tripped circuit, and your fryer should turn back on.

It may take some time to heat up when you plug your fryer back in. Turn on your burner but do not add any food until the oil has fully heated.

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?

Please wait for the oil to reach 375 degrees Fahrenheit – give it time to come back up to temperature. If you still see issues, turn off the power source connected to the outlet and set a timer for 15 minutes.

The 15 minutes will give the outlet time to reset enough and you can use the fryer again.

Can An Air Fryer Overheat and Stop Working?

Yes! Your air fryer can overheat and stop working, even when you plug it in if the fryer’s temperature setting is too high. This can cause a fire or a power surge, which can, in turn, blow your air fryer’s fuse or cause it to shut down.

This is true if you have an appliance that draws much power or heats the water. You must shut off your air fryer when you plug it in many areas to protect it from overheating.

The way to do this varies depending on the type of air fryer you have. If you have the fast microwave type, you probably need to unplug your air fryer after every use. Or, if you have a conventional oven, turn it off when not in use.

Your air fryer’s temperature setting can overheat because of how hot air fryers work. They cook food at extremely high temperatures, and because they cook food so fast, they produce a lot of hot air.

If the temperature hits too high, it can cause problems like overheating a power cord or blowing out an appliance’s fuse.

The best way you can avoid problems with your air fryer’s temperature setting is only to use it when necessary. If you plan to cook a large amount of food, consider using the appliance while plugged in and periodically check the temperature gauge on your model.

Also, note that some types have an automatic shut-off system, which means that the fryer automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature.

While these types can be even more energy efficient, they can also be more complicated, with fewer control knobs and buttons. Plus, this air fryer is more vulnerable to overheating and damage, so only use it when necessary and never leave the food unattended.

Is There A Warranty For The Power XL Air Fryer?

Yes! The Power XL air fryer oven pro includes a 1-year replacement guarantee, with a 10% lifetime discount on all customer orders.

Some of the other qualities that helped us choose this product include the following:

It’s a multifunctional cooker with a digital display and comes in 3 colors. It has smart auto-off, overload protection, an unvented design, and is dishwasher safe (except for the plastic lid). The Power XL air fryer Pro can cook up to 1.5 pounds of food and up to 4.5 quarts.

Larger than a pressure cooker, the Power XL air fryer pro is a multifunctional cooker that not only does its job of frying, braising, roasting, and baking but also browns and bakes. There is, in fact, an “Air Fry” button that enables air frying instead of deep frying.

The digital display of the Power XL air fryer Pro is a good feature because it has a timer, clock, and timer function.

To start using this appliance, you first need to unpack the box and read the instructions that come with the product. If you follow the instructions, you will have a pleasant experience with your new product.

It’s also suitable for daily use, so don’t get surprised if you have to wipe some oil off its lid now and then.

The PowerXL AirFryer Pro is a multifunctional product that cooks, bakes, and browns. This is better than your average oven or pressure cooker. There is also a timer and clock feature.

Why Does My Commercial Deep Fryer Keep Shutting Off?

Your commercial deep fryer keeps shutting off automatically because of:

  • Faulty outlet;
  • Faulty circuit breaker;
  • Overloaded circuit; or
  • Short in the wiring or heating element.

To remedy this problem, you need to:

  1. Check the outlet and replace it if necessary;
  2.  Check the breaker and replace it if necessary;
  3. Use a less powerful appliance on the same circuit (or find a different outlet);
  4. Check the heating element and replace it if necessary.

These problems can be challenging to diagnose, but in my experience, they’re pretty easy to fix. So here are the suitable steps:

Step 1: Check the power cord

Here, you will be able to check whether or not the outlet has broken. To do this, you must walk outside (or move at least a few feet away from your house) and then look at the outlet box. If you see any signs of damage, then you have a faulty power cord.

Step 2: Check the circuit breaker

This is a prevalent problem and is easy to fix. All you have to do is walk inside, go to the circuit box, and ensure it’s not broken (or blown). If it isn’t broken, then your breaker may be faulty.

Step 3: Get the right appliance

It may help if you get a less powerful appliance with the same voltage as your frying pan. You will have to do this for any outlet you need to use in your house, so you may as well do it for the frying pan.

Step 4: Replace the element or get a new one

The problem is that the heating element can die unexpectedly (you don’t know when). If this happens, then your heating unit is useless. But luckily, it’s not hard to replace. All you have to do is find the part number, and that’s it.

This problem can happen if the appliance has been improperly installed. The best way to avoid this issue is to ask a professional electrician to install the appliance. This step is just an extra precaution.

Step 5: Replace or fix your outlet

This problem can happen if the wiring is faulty or has shorted. This can be difficult to notice, but it will show up once you plug in the frying pan. To fix this problem, you will have to hire a professional electrician for this task.

If there are any other problems, the best way to find the problem is to call an electrician.

Do Air Fryers Have Open Heating Coils?

Air fryers use an inbuilt coil to produce heat and have a fan to circulate the hot air within the chamber. This heats the food in the chamber evenly. While it can cook some foods better than traditional cooking, food is still possible to stick to the internal coil.

The last thing you want with your air fryer is to see that greasy oil residue on your food or, even worse, where it’s supposed to be.

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?

While it can do a lot of things better than a conventional oven, there are some things that you need to do to get the best results in your air fryer. One of them is how you cook inside your air fryer.

The secret to cooking without the food sticking to the heating coil is to ensure that you cook your food with a good amount of oil or add it before.

The heat should be medium and not high or low. If no oil is present in your food, it will stick to the heating coil, and when you try cleaning it off, it will be hard. Over time, this can cause damage to your fryer, and once that happens, you may need a replacement.

What Does a High-Limit Switch Do On A Fryer?

A high-limit switch prevents the frying oil from heating to its preferred temperature. If the switch prevents any more electrical current through the heater coil. Assembly screws contact terminals on a high-limit switch designed for mounting on top of the oil tank.

This protection is essential when repeatedly moving hot water and oil, such as during a deep fryer operation.

It is also typically found on other types of equipment, including industrial boilers, ovens, furnaces, space heaters, and some refrigerators, to prevent an unsafe over-temperature or fire risk from occurring.

A high-limit switch is an electrical safety device that prevents an electric current from passing through the heating element. One needs to mount it at or near the top of the oil tank to monitor and protect a heating element or burner when it reaches maximum temperature.

The high-limit pivot motion sensor switch has a two-piece construction that consists of one-piece housing and two pieces of metal leaf spring.

This type of construction allows for easy installation and removal of various types of equipment, such as fryers and deep fryers. You also need to mount it in a location that requires minimal height or clearance.

Does An Air Fryer Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The use of an air fryer is a tiny percentage of the energy required and uses considerably less electricity than standard ovens. The good news is that it works better at cooking than heat transfer alone, potentially boosting your oven-cooking efficiency by up to 40%.

There are some downsides, though: The oil drains into vents during cooking and needs cleaning out before use, and you’re still left with hot oil in case anything spills on the floor. The vents also make some people feel uneasy, particularly when cooking chicken.

In the end, an air fryer uses between 300 and 700 Watts while operating. This is equivalent to the energy used by a standard 60-watt light bulb. The average air fryer will use around 500 – 600 Watts.

If it’s used for just 20 minutes once a day, this works out as using 1 kWh per week (check out your electricity costs to see how that compares to your home).

Why Is My Air Fryer Blowing a Fuse?

A fryer can use slightly more energy than your stovetop at the high end of the scale, but this is still lower than most ovens (around 2-3 times as much).

The best way to compare the energy efficiency of an air fryer to other cooking options is to look at how many meals you can cook with a comparable amount of electricity.

The following table shows how many batches you can cook in a standard oven compared to an air fryer at different power levels.


Air fryers are very convenient if you’re looking to avoid frying. They are also very efficient and can save you a lot of money. You should take care of your air fryer to last as long as possible.

With this guide, you’ll find out how air fryers work, what they can do, how they will help you save money, and how to look after them.


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