Why is my NutriBullet so loud?

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Why is my NutriBullet so loud?

Whether you want to make smoothies or frozen margaritas, a high-quality blender comes in handy to complete the task faster and more efficiently.

NutriBullet is one of the most popular and powerful blenders available on the market. However, many of its owners ask a common question: ‘why is my NutriBullet so loud?’

The primary reason behind the loudness of the NutriBullet is a highly stressed motor. As the blades turn at high speed while trying to function properly, the motion stresses the mechanics of the motor and the spinning knives, resulting in more loud noises.

If you overwork the motor, it will stress its smaller components, creating more noise.

Due to its powerful in-built motor, NutriBullet is among the loudest blenders on the market.

It measures approximately 100 decibels under standard functioning conditions, making it, arguably, the loudest blender available for buying today.

However, other factors, like the model and blade style, influence its loudness.

Generally, a typical conversation between two people is usually at 60 decibels, which is quite audible to the human ear.

Whispers usually measure 30 decibels, and that is when the surrounding environment is relatively quiet and your ears are free from any covering.

Likewise, 150 decibels are loud enough to burst your eardrums, and car engine noise about 25 inches away measures 77Db, which is also considered very loud.

Compared to the measurements stated above, you can see how loud the NutriBullet is.

Luckily, not all NutriBullet blenders are ear-deafening, and it’s also possible to make the loud ones quieter.

Why does my NutriBullet sound so loud?

The primary reason behind the loudness of the NutriBullet is a highly stressed motor.

As mentioned earlier, these blenders come with a powerful motor that aids in turning the blades to generate friction that is used to chop up the fruits or veggies while making the smoothies or margaritas.

Why is my NutriBullet so loud?

Furthermore, these motors operate at multiple speeds, depending on the preference of the user.

Generally, blenders pulverizes food substances into liquid at a specific high speed, contributing to the loud noises.

The high speed, powered by the motor at the base, produces sufficient friction to grind the food and make it liquid.

If you overwork the motor, it will stress its smaller components, creating more noise.

Overworking the NutriBullet involves cutting up the veggies or fruits into large chunks that will take longer for the blender to process.

In such cases, the blades experience a hard time making contact with the giant chunks, causing the motor to overwork, hence, increased noise levels.

The type of food you put in the blender could also contribute to its loud noises. Harder and chunkier foods cause the NutriBullet to produce more noises compared to soft and sizably cut foods.

Likewise, it’s also worth noting that the noise produced by the NutriBullet bounces off the countertops and walls, making them sound louder than they are.

How can I make my NutriBullet quieter?

Fortunately, there are several proven ways to make your NutriBullet quieter.

You could opt to use your blender for a shorter duration at one time, using the pulse function, or adding more liquid into your mixture before blending.

Let us look at an in-depth explanation of how to make your NutriBullet quieter.

  • Use a silicone mat or towel underneath the NutriBullet

Since the blender’s motor is at the base, placing a towel or silicone mat under it while blending will aid in preventing the amplification and reflection of the noise produced.

You should also ensure that you are not close to any countertops or walls that will reverberate the noise.

Use a bar area or a kitchen island to prevent the bouncing off of the loud noises.

  • Improvise or buy an enclosure

Another option is to improvise or buy an enclosure, similar to those in coffee shops, which will contain the noise.

Although these enclosures can be relatively expensive, there are definitely worthy investments, especially if you own a loud NutriBullet.

The noise level will drastically reduce by putting the enclosure over the base of the blender.

  • Add more liquid to your mixture before blending

Often, overworking of the NutriBullet’s motor results from having an inadequate amount of liquid or water in your mixture.

This is especially true if you have large pieces in the mixer, causing the blades to struggle to try to make contact with them.

Adding more water to your mixture will fix this and create a delightfully smooth consistency that will please most eaters.

  • Blending using a low speed

As we have already established, NutriBullet has a highly potent motor that grinds various foods at exceedingly high speeds, which is responsible for the loud noises.

To get rid of the loud noises, you can opt to blend your fruits and veggies at low speed. Thus, you can enjoy a lovely morning smoothie without waking up your entire household.

  • Utilize less ice in your mixtures

Generally, ice is a hard substance that can be difficult to pulverize. If you use less ice in your mixer and add more liquid instead, it will aid in making your NutriBullet quieter.

Less ice also helps with reducing the workload of the blender’s motor.

Does Replacing The Blade Of Your Nutribullet Make It Quieter?

No, Replacing the blade of your NutriBullet will not make it quieter. However, it will reduce the total blending time.

Although a sharper blade will chop up the food substances in the blender more quickly. The noise comes from the motor, meaning that the noise produced will not be affected by a new set of spinning knives.

The only way to make your NutriBullet quieter is by following the tips listed above.

You can choose to place a towel or silicone mat under the blender, use less ice, utilize a sound enclosing container, or even move your blender away from countertops and walls.

However, replacing the blades will help in reducing the loud noise by not more than two decibels.

You can opt to replace the blades of your NutriBullet after every six months to prevent them from becoming loose or rusting.

Why is my NutriBullet so loud?

Washing the blender and its spinning knives often also aids in preventing them from rusting.

Replacement blades for your NutriBullet can come in a threaded plastic housing, gasket, or preassembled with the blades.

Additionally, the blades feature an in-built gasket responsible for preventing liquids from finding their way between the cup and the blade.

Since the gasket can wear out and become cracked or distorted after use, it is best to replace it frequently.

The only way to replace the gasket is by replacing the blades from time to time, ensuring that your NutriBullet does not leak and become faulty.

Can I Lengthen The Lifespan Of The Blades And Gasket Of My Nutribullet?

Yes, There are several tips to prolong the duration of use of your NutriBullet’s blades and gasket.

First, it’s advisable to hand wash the spinning knives every time you use it to ascertain that it is in good working order.

Using a medium-bristled scrubbing brush and warm soapy water, gently scrub both the gasket and the blade.

Exercise caution while cleaning it as the blade part is very sharp. Proceed to rinse well and allow it to air dry.

Furthermore, you should note that you should not place your NutriBullet in the dishwasher with your other utensils.

The high heat levels in the dishwasher could damage the gasket by warping the plastic housing at the blender’s base.

If you want to clean the appliance deep, immerse both the blade and gasket while intact into a solution consisting of 1:1 of white vinegar and warm water or dish detergent and warm water.

Soak them for about twenty minutes to loosen any hardened food, and then scrub them using the medium-bristled scrubbing brush. Once satisfied, rinse it properly and then allow it to air dry.

If you would like to hasten the 20-minute soak, you can opt to perform a quick blend.

Fill the blender’s cup with dish detergent and warm water, attach the blade to the cup, and then to the NutriBullet’s base.

Turn on the pulse function to pulse the soapy water for about 5-10 seconds at a time. Once satisfied with the quick blend, detach the cup and the blade from the base and proceed with deep scrubbing.

Note that you should not forget about cleaning the NutriBullet’s base as you clean the blades and the cup. 

However, do not immerse the base directly in the water. Using a dampened cloth or sponge, carefully wipe the inside and outside of the base.

If you are doing a deep clean, use foamy water and a toothbrush to scrub the base gently. Wipe away the excess foam and water with an absorbent cloth, and then allow it to air dry.

How long should a NutriBullet last?

Given that buying a NutriBullet is a long-term investment, this powerful and durable blender has a guaranteed one year of excellent performance.

However, it can last for long over five years, provided that you give it the care it needs and use it appropriately.

NutriBullet offers its customers a 1-year warranty upon buying new NutriBullet blenders.

The warranty insures the blender from ordinary wear and tear from domestic use, and it also enables the buyer to replace or repair a defective blender.

Thus, new owners of NutriBullet blenders(Amazon Link) should ensure that they read the instructions in the manual to avoid making the 1-year warranty null.

To activate the warranty of your newly purchased NutriBullet, you have to provide your personal information, such as name, contact details, date of purchase, and the blender’s serial number on the manufacturer’s website.

You can find the serial number at the bottom of the NutriBullet’s base or the warranty card.

Is it worth purchasing a NutriBullet?

Although a NutriBullet is not as expensive and feature-packed as many of its competitors on the market, many buyers attest to its efficiency and high-quality nature, making it a worthy and long-term investment.

With this superfood nutrition extractor, you get highly potent food-pulverizing and food-liquefying properties at an affordable price.

It breaks down various ingredients into the finest consistency without compromising their nutritional value.

Using NutriBullet’s patented extractor blades and its powerful motor with cyclonic action, this blender breaks through the hardest and largest vegetables, fruits, and ice into delicious smoothies full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Another advantage of the NutriBullet compared to other blenders on the market is its compact appearance and highly versatile nature.

This blender is relatively smaller than its competitors, meaning that once you place it on your countertop, you will hardly notice it.

Despite its compact size, you can use this blender to make dips, ice creams, soups, wheat flour, and dressings, among others.

NutriBullet lids and cups are also dishwasher-friendly, making them relatively easy to clean.

You can conveniently wash this blender on the top rack of your dishwasher, but you can also opt to hand wash it.

Remember that you should not place the blades, gasket, and base in the dishwasher, but instead, hand wash them.

Despite all these top-tier features, the NutriBullet is an affordable kitchen appliance.

It’s also crucial to note although the cups and lids are free of BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals, they are not plastic-free.

Why is my NutriBullet so loud?

These components consist of plastic material, which is not as durable as those made from glass.

To prevent the plastic and other chemicals from accessing your smoothie, avoid putting hot foods in the blender.

Likewise, avoid storing any of your smoothies in them for long durations.


NutriBullet is one of the most popular kitchen appliances found in many kitchen households worldwide.

Although they may be exceedingly loud compared to other blenders, NutriBullet is a worthwhile investment.

Make sure that you read and follow the instruction manual to prolong the NutriBullet’s lifespan.

However, if you are looking for a quieter blender, Vitamix(Amazon Link) is ideal, although it is more expensive.

But, if you are looking for an affordable, feature-rich, powerful, and versatile blender, NutriBullet is the best option.


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