Why Is My Rec Tec Running Hot?(How to Fix)

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Why Is My Rec Tec Running Hot?

Rec-Tec is a company that specializes in creating high-performance grills. They offer many different grills for homeowners and caterers alike.

Their newest grill, the Rec Tec Bull BBQ Grill, cooks burgers in just five minutes. The grill features a large cooking surface, which makes it perfect for catering events.

The grill also has two warming racks so you can serve your guests as soon as they walk up to your barbecue event.

Rec-Tec run hot due to cooking for an extended period, Faulty temperature sensors,controller is faulty, low quality pellets,grease fires and sometimes weather conditions.You can regulate the temperature by opening the dampers and turning down the pit’s airflow.

Your Rec-Tec boost production with more insulation to keep them cooler

You will need to put some effort into maintaining the temperature on your own by regulating airflow or adding coals every so often.

This lets me run a lower setting on my Rec-Tec without sacrificing too much performance.

I now keep my pit at 275 degrees F rather than running at 350 degrees as before, which is how they come out of the box.

With that said, I just wanted to note that this is not an issue with all Rec-Tec models as some of them do function properly right out of the box.

My brother has used his several times and had no problems. Also, this does not affect all smokers—I have used my MES and other smokers with no issues like these.

Another point to consider is that your smoker will run hotter the more you use it regardless of brand.

I now take my smoker up to 275 degrees before adding meat and then allow it to drop between 225 and 250 once the fire has burned off.

This also applies if you are cooking for an extended period, meaning if you plan on preparing food at 5 am for an event at noon, prepare your smoker beforehand.

The rule of thumb that most people use is 1 hour per pound; this means that if you are cooking 10 lbs of pork shoulder or brisket.

You need to prepare your pit around 7 hours before serving time. This will allow for 10 hours of cooking time and the extra hour to burn off the coal.

Is Rec-Tec worth the money?

Rec Tec grills are a significant investment, but they don’t come cheap. So, before you buy one, here’s what you need to know about these grills and why they’re worth the money.

Materials: Rec-Tec grills comprise better materials than comparable grills on the market and will last longer because of this. Unlike most other competitors.

The body of a Rec Tec grill is not powder-coated but has an industrial grade stainless steel exterior which does not wear off over time because of usage.

Temperature consistency: Consistent temperature is essential for BBQing. If you can’t maintain your temps.

it does not matter how much money you threw down on a fancy grill; you will NOT get good results.

With these units, their insulated body and top-mounted control panel ensure that the internal temperature stays where you set it whether it’s hot or cold outside .

If you are using all four burners or just one; this is not the case with competitor’s grills.

Quality of materials: Not only are Rec-Tec units made of quality materials like stainless steel and ceramic.

But they also boast features that other popular brands do not, such as full-length stainless-steel drip trays on some models.

Front shelf package, and an option to upgrade your model without buying a whole new unit.

Warranty: Rec-Tec offers one of the best warranties on gas grills.

Considering they have three variations of their most popular models at specific price points, each offering different warranty lengths.

Customization: For those that choose to go that route, you can design your color from almost 28 different colors at no extra charge plus.

Rec Tec Auger Not Turning? 

it’s not just solid colors; your can-do two-tone stripes, matte black with white doors, or whatever you want to make this grill look as unique as you are.

Design: Although some people do not care about aesthetics, others love to have a grill that looks good in their backyard.

I’m sure most of us have spent extra money on things like expensive stainless-steel grates.

This is to keep them looking nice or spent the time scrubbing the grease off of our porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates after every use.

Can you use Rec-Tec in the rain?

Yes! Before actually using your Rec Tec for cooking in the rain, it’s essential to make sure all surfaces are clean and dry before cooking begins.

This includes the grill grate and the drip tray.

The following is a list of simple steps you can take (before and after) to ensure that any bacteria lurking on surfaces of your Rec-Tec get eliminated:

Place the grill grate and drip tray outside until they’re completely dry, or clean them with a wet cloth or paper towel just before placing them inside your Rec-Tec

After cooked food, allow the grill inside your Rec-Tec to cool down before cleaning it thoroughly

Never store meat products in any part of your Rec-Tec overnight, so bacteria have no chance of multiplying

Rinse the drip tray, grill grate, and any other cooking utensil thoroughly with water immediately after use to remove dirt and bacteria before placing them inside your Rec-Tec again.

Keeping your meat separate from vegetables makes it easy to track which foods you have cooked or not.

Vegetables store longer than meats, so place raw meat on the grill first, then add the vegetables once you have cooked everything else.

Not following these simple guidelines can cause any potential bacteria that might lurk on surfaces of your Rec-Tec to multiply at fast rates.

Increasing the risk for food poisoning or diarrhea if consumed by people or pets.

Remember: always clean surfaces completely before cooking begins and never leave meat products overnight in any part of your Rec-Tec.

Does Rec-Tec have a Super Smoke setting?

Rec Tec has come out with a new super smoke setting that will cook your food quickly while infusing it with smoky flavors.

From Rec-Tec comes this news. That is right, one of the original pellet grill manufacturers has introduced a new setting on their grills that allows for a quick smoke.

This unique setting lets you hold your food at 200 degrees F for up to 8 hours without overcooking it.

This setting exists so you can take full advantage of traditional low and slow BBQ-type cooking but in less time than before.

This will allow anyone to cook foods like ribs, pulled pork, or brisket quickly while retaining all the smoky flavor you would expect from lower temps over longer periods.

You can also use this feature to cook something like chicken wings or fish where higher temperatures might cause the skin or fish to dry out.

Rec Tec has not yet announced when this will become available in their grills,.

But everyone who wants all the flavor of low and slow cooking but will welcome it in a fraction of the time.

Can Rec-Tec sear a steak?

Yes. Rec Tec can sear a steak. To do so, they have three major components: the firebox, the cooking chamber, and the lid with a built-in thermometer.

The firebox is on one side of the grill and is where you put your wood chips for smoking or charcoal briquettes for grilling.

The cooking chamber is in the middle of Rec Tec’s two-sided design, which means it directly exposes both heat sources.

This means that all parts of your food are evenly heated from multiple directions at once.

One more thing about Rec-tec’s high-performance smoker is that it features a chrome-plated steel body with a porcelain-enameled interior.

Which makes them durable and easy to clean. This machine uses a direct heat convection system, meaning that the whole grill is evenly heated, so no more cold spots.

How do I get more smoke from my Rec Tec?

If you’re looking for a little more smoke from your Rec Tec, here are five tips that may work.

1) Make sure the charcoal tray is not overloaded with charcoal

2) Crank up the smoker’s temperature to 275 degrees F instead of 225 degrees F

3) Put in an extra chimney of lit coals or use natural hardwood logs to increase airflow and smokiness

4) Check if there are any leaks around the door seal by using soapy water.

– This could be due to either dirt buildup on the gasket or by condensation building up between it and the smoker’s body because of cold weather

5) Keep adding wood chips every 30 minutes until you get what you want.

How do you adjust the feed rate on a Rec Tec 340?

The Rec Tec 340(Amazon Link) is a pellet grill that makes it easy to cook delicious food.

It has an automated auger feed system that you can adjust to fit your cooking preferences.

Here are some tips on adjusting the feed rate on the Rec Tec 340.

  • The control panel of the Rec-tec will show if you have selected the correct type of cooking temperature and let you know what setting level you are at.
  • Press ‘OK’ once to get back to the main screen where all settings are available.
  • Adjusting Feed Rate: On this screen, press in and hold down “-“until your desired speed appears in the red text below “Feed Rate.”
  • You can change the Feed Rate anywhere from 1 to 99. The lower the number, the slower it will cook, and vice versa.
  • You can also make speed changes during cooking if you decide that your food is taking too long.
  • To adjust the temperature setting (including during cooking), follow steps #1 and #2 above for adjusting feed rate; but instead of pressing “-“ this time, press “+.”
  • You’ll notice another screen come up with settings like “3” or “7.” Adjust between these numbers for desired temperature (anything under 5 is smoking).
  • Please note that if you are using a smoker box to impart even more flavor into your food.

Check out how changing the size of the smoker box changes how long it takes to cook your food dramatically.

  • If you are cooking on “High,” you can adjust the temperature to “Medium” during cooking without affecting the set point.
  • This may be necessary if your food is taking longer than expected.
  • You can also select “Low” to slow down how quickly it cooks, but this will affect all settings since Low is below five on most of them.

To avoid slowing undercooking foods and risking harmful bacteria growth.

Always choose the correct type of temperature setting for your desired result (the temperature guide above is a great resource).

Does Super smoke make a difference?

Yes .The Rec-Tec Super is a different type of pellet grill. It’s not the best, but it has some unique features that may make it worth your consideration.

The most significant difference between the Rec-Tec and most other pellet grills is that it has a smoke generator, or “Smoke Tube,” as they call it.

If you’ve ever tried to make jerky before, you know you need a bit of smoke for flavor and color.

Most consumers will not bother with this process, though: it’s messy and time-consuming. The Rec Tec has found a way to do it without all the hassle.

Is Rec Tec better than Traeger?

It all depends on what you need your grill for.

There’s no question that the Rec Tec pellet smoker does an excellent job with smoking meat, but some people might not like how it cooks other food.

Rec Tec pellet smokers are currently made in the USA, and they’re known for the unique shape of their grills.

The “reverse flow” design is brilliant and helpful with heat distribution inside the grill. It certainly uses fewer pellets than other models, so it can also be a money saver.

The downside of Rec Tec’s reverse flow system is, however, that food in the back of the grill might not get cooked as much or quickly as you’d like.

This is something to keep in mind when you have a hungry crowd waiting for dinner.

In comparison, Traeger offers better control over temperature across all grilling zones, which makes it great for cooking any food.

While Rec-Tec does not have legs on its grill, Traeger does.

This makes the grill on the Rec Tec model extremely low, and it might also be a problem if you’re cooking burgers or steaks with lots of juices.

These will drop out and cause flare-ups which can burn your food.

Traeger has better air control, so your food will cook more evenly, and it’s easier to maintain an even temperature across all cooking zones.

Some people complain Traeger pellet grills(Amazon Link) do not get hot enough, but it might be their lack of experience with any thermometer since this is not true.

Should I seal my Rec-Tec grill?

You can seal the grates on your Rec-Tec grill with a spray-on coating like Silicone Spray or Teflon Spray.

This prevents messes from sticking and will make cleaning up after cooking much easier in the long run.

Follow these steps for how to seal your Rec-Tec grill properly:

  • Make sure that you heat the Rec Tec Grill before spraying anything onto it
  • Hold down the button on top of the spray nozzle while you’re spraying to get an even coat over all parts of the grate
  • Spray on a generous coating and let it sit there for 24 hours before grilling
  • Make sure that you don’t cook with your Rec Tec Grill immediately after spraying. This step is crucial.
  • Letting the grill sit for 24 hours will give the spray some time to solidify before cooking on it
  • After letting the grill sit for 24 hours, turn the grill on high and let it get hot enough so that it can burn off any excess oil or grease
  • Wait another five minutes, and then you’re free to grill your meats, veggies, and other delicious grilled goodies


The Rec-Tec is an excellent product for many people. It’s easy to use, has plenty of features, and you can use it in rain or wind without an issue.

Using the Super Smoke setting won’t make much difference, but some people swear by that feature.

If your feed rate isn’t adjusted correctly, your food will burn quickly on one side while being raw on the other – this is probably not what you want.


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